Automation In Aircraft And Redbox Streaming Service

On Episode 480 of the Waves of Tech, we are diving into automation, streaming, courts, and cloud computing. Automation in the cockpit is drawing significant concern in the airline industry after the loss of hundreds of lives due to faulting automation systems. Redbox has jumped into the streaming game with their announcement of Free Live TV, a free ad-supported service. New York state dropped their fight against the T-Mobile Sprint merger leaving few hurdles left for the mega-deal. The courts are injecting themselves in the federal contract process as a judge halted the $10 billion cloud computing contract from the Pentagon to Microsoft.

Problems with Automation in Airplanes

Results of the two Boeing 737 Max airplane crash investigations has stirred up a decade long debate over automation in the cockpit and the control pilots actually have in the air. The fear of putting control in the hands of systems comes with its own benefits and consequences. The loss of 346 lives has shown very little in terms of progress and safety advancement in automation.

  • Pilots of Lion Air tried more than 20 times to correct the plane’s computer system
  • Ethiopian Airlines crew followed all proper procedures and could not control the plane
  • Many investigators are showing that automation are hindering not helping pilots
  • Airline professionals are not being trained properly to troubleshoot these systems

Redbox Launches Streaming Service

Guess what? There is another free, ad-supported streaming service hitting the market. This time, Redbox is getting into the mix with Free Live Tv (bad name, but okay). The service will be offering up twenty-eight channels covering movies, television, news, children’s programming, and others. Better yet, Live TV costs nothing and requires no login to access the platform.

  • Support to additional devices like Roku, Chromecast, and Apple TV coming soon
  • TMZ, USA Today, Forensic Files, and Now This is a sample of programming
  • This serves as a free option for those not willing or that cannot afford streaming
  • Do not expect original content, current events, or recent television releases

New York Drops Fight Against Merger

The T-Mobile Sprint merger is still making headlines two years after the merger was originally proposed. New York officials recently dropped their suit against the merger and will allow the deal to push through. California, Connecticut, and Massachusetts are still weighing options. The core concern is favorable pricing for consumers and good paying jobs for infrastructure.

  • Merger would secure T-Mobile as the third largest wireless carrier in the United States
  • States were concerned with receiving empty promises from T-Mobile executives
  • Connecting communities and bringing smart technology to areas is a priority
  • Wireless carriers are well known for their incremental, month to month rate increases

Judge Halts Billion Dollar Cloud Contract

On Episode 465, we discussed Microsoft being awarded the $10 billion Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) contract designed to move the Pentagon into the 21st century. A federal judge halted the contract and deemed further investigation needed. Amazon claims President Trump interfered with the process to their disadvantage.

  • JEDI is meant to process classified data and improve the Pentagon’s communications
  • New artificial intelligence technology designed to speed up fighting capabilities
  • Pentagon spokesman said they remain confident of the decision to choose Microsoft
  • Amazon has not provided comment to news agencies or reporters


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