Back To The Future Day and YouTube Red

Back to the future dayEpisode 283 of The Waves of Tech is here and thank you to everyone that has checked out the show recently.  On this podcast, we take a deep look into Back to the Future Day and see what predictions made in 1989 became a reality in 2015.  Brick-and-mortar stores, such as Target and Lowe’s, are incorporating some new app features and in-store tech advancements to improve the customer experience.  Also on the agenda, we examine the new subscription-based YouTube Red announced by the video giant last week and lay out the plan Yahoo has to win you back.  Again, thanks for tuning in and continue to ride…the waves of tech!

Back to the Future Day (October 21, 2015)

The Back to the Future trilogy is an American film classic and loved by so many worldwide.  Well, October 21, 2015 is the day Marty and Doc go back to the future and the world celebrated Back to the Future Day.  In the spirit of the event, we take a detailed look into what predictions were made in the second feature film and their current space in the technology field.  These include 3D films, super slim digital cameras, voice-activated computers, and mobile credit card payments to name a few.  Pretty impressive considered that writers were 25 years ahead of their time.

Lowe’s in-store app & Target employees

Dave was visiting Lowe’s during a work trip and found the home improvement king doing something cool with their store app.  They have created a product locator feature in their app, making the shopping experience a bit easier and perhaps less complicated.  They also introduced MyLowe’s Remembers, which allows consumers to track their purchases to ensure that they are not duplicating purchases and in turn saving time and money.

YouTube’s video free-for-all is about to start charging admission

The ad-free subscription based model is growing in popularity.  It is being used with success in music streaming services, video platforms, and gaming apps.  Now YouTube has introduced their own YouTubeRed, allowing users to pay $10-a-month for an ad-free experience.  As YouTube ventures down the avenue of producing original content and programming, this may be a well-timed financial decision from the video giant.

Yahoo: We have a plan to win you back

Take a minute, think about this question, and provide an honest answer.  When was the last time you used Yahoo in any consistent manner?  We will wait…  In all respect to Yahoo, Yahoo is no longer a household name in the personal computing and search engine industry.  CEO Marissa Mayer and Yahoo have devised a “more focused” plan to win back your business.  What does this include?  Little details are available at this time so we interject our thoughts on maybe what they can do.  What would it take for you to consider Yahoo your primary choice for search, fantasy sports, and worldwide and local news?

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