Tips to Introduce Kids to Chess

Chess, generally, is a very intimidating game to play. It consumes a lot of energy, and one has to be quite smart to play chess. If you see the spark in your kids and want them to become the ultimate chess champions, then you need to know these amazing tips. Chess demands a lot of learning and even more practicing, so here are some amazing tips that might be useful.

The first thing that kids need to know when playing or starting to play chess is that each piece moves in only a certain direction. For example, a knight moves in an L shape, whereas a pawn moves straight. However, they have the power to attack an angle. The rook moves in a straight line, whereas the bishop moves at an angle. The kind and the queen are the most powerful pieces of the game. The queen can move in any direction, whereas a king moves like a king who is at a dignified pace. One needs to remember these basic moves before they get into the game.


Begin with a Pawn Piece in Chess

In an opening move, the pawn can move to more than 1 square, opening the way for bishops and the queen to enter the game. As mentioned, these pieces move at an angle, so they can’t get out themselves if pawns are in the way.

Bring the Bishops and The Knights out

Never move the queen first, not even the king or the rooks. Bring out the bishops and the knights, and bring them towards the center of the board, so you have them at the front when it is time to about.

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Keep an Eye on the opponent’s Last Move

Never ignore this tip: always keep a sharp eye on the opponent’s move, understand their game, and then make your plan. Look at all your possibilities, and double-check all the moves before you play them.

Save time, but don’t play too fast either

Don’t waste too much time playing with the pawns. Try to pick the opponent pawns and leave them with as many fewer pieces as possible, but think about all the moves before you play them. Even if you recognize a good move, take your time and think about another one, too. Being patient is the key to acing chess.

The Chess Endgame

The endgame begins when you are left with a few pieces, and the opponents start attacking. This is when pawns become extremely important. At this point, the king attacks, too, and the more the king is away from the opponent’s reach, the better it is. Never let your queen get checked. Save her till the end. This is your chance to win the game.

In the end, if the queen gets checked, remember that the king is next. If your opponent checksmate you before you checkmate them, they win, and you lose, but if you checkmate them before they do, you win, and they lose.

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