Battle For The Net And Downed Drones

On this week’s episode of The Waves of Tech, we bring to the table a number of different topics and opinions.  We start with discussing technological advancements in the sport of golf.  Next, we venture down the path of the impact an Android-based podcast app may have in the podcasting industry.  Amazon is in the news again.  This time, the FAA may have hampered the future of drone delivery in the US with the recent set of draft rules.  Finishing up the show, the media giants Comcast and Time Warner Cable were slapped with a $20 billion racial discrimination lawsuit.  All this on this week’s The Waves of Tech!

Technology in Golf
Recently, Dave and his sister attended a golf tournament in Southern California.  Considering the last visit we made to a tournament was 15 years ago, there have been several technological advancements in the sport.  The sport has progressed heavily, with the integration of GPS technology for tracking distances of shot and distances to the pin.  Leaderboards are completely digitized, streaming live footage of game play throughout the course.  Add to that, the PGA Tour app is updated in real-time so people on the move have up to date scores.

Google Podcast App
Google and Android-based phones capture over 52% of the smartphone industry.  Apple trails in second position with nearly 42%.  The one thing the Android system is missing is a native podcasting app.  Users are forced to utilize a third-party app to find, subscribe, and listen to podcasts.  Google has been resistant to embrace the idea of a native podcasting app.  Is now the time for the company to stop being so stubborn and move into the podcasting space?  Without a doubt, a native Android app would increase access and convenience and introduce new consumers in the podcasting arena.

Amazon Drones
Amazon, the online giant looking to provide drone delivery as a service, took a slight hit in their business model.  The FAA has drafted and released a set of rules that would govern domestic drone flight in the United States.  The FAA have outlines general requirements for certification, age limits, the need for aeronautical testing, and speed and travel heights.  Amazon is not happy with the set of rules, siting that the FAA should expedite the process in order to encourage and promote this emerging market.  We have some particular strong opinions on the matter.

Battle for the Net
Only a few days remain to sign and send a letter to your state representatives to endorse net neutrality.  We all are pushing for an open, free, and unrestricted internet market.  It promotes equity and fairness.  It promotes a business friendly environment and leads to great innovation and advancement for businesses and startups.  Head over to and support the movement.  We are hoping the FCC sides with the consumer on the ruling.

TWC/Comcast Suit
Well, well, well.  It looks like Comcast and Time Warner Cable are up to the same old tricks.  Even without the potential merger being approved by the FCC, the media conglomerates are making headlines after being slammed with a $20 billion lawsuit.  Suit has been filed that TWC and Comcast deliberated discriminated against African-American owned broadcast channels, sending a mere $3 million of a $23 billion pool of broadcast fees to such channels.  At this point, we cannot be surprised that these companies are up to such accusations and claims.  For a company that has a poor track record of customer service, shelling out of another $20 billion isn’t going to help the cause.


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