Big Tech Companies Are Making Headlines

This week on the Waves of Tech 246, all the big tech companies are making headlines and we are here to share the news. On the agenda for discussion are Facebook, Ford, Microsoft, BlackBerry, Skype, and Waze. Microsoft is losing a bit of market share with a change in direction from Ford and Facebook. Skype is introducing a new feature, a voice translation service that is unlike any other service out there. Well, enjoy the podcast and we hope you continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Facebook unfriends Microsoft’s Bing search

The relationship between Microsoft and Bing just got…a little more complicated.  Facebook, for several years, have utilized Bing search for their platform.  As Facebook continues to chart it’s own course and history, it’s finding less reason to incorporate Bing as a central functional element.  It is still too soon to estimate the impact this move may have on Bing, but it is fair to share that the impact will be negative.

Ford dumps Microsoft for BlackBerry infotainment system

The move Ford has just made has us scratching our heads.  Ford has announced that they are dumping Microsoft from their in-car infotainment system.  And the newest company to take the reigns – BlackBerry.  Yes, you heard us – BlackBerry.  We can speculate as to why Microsoft was dumped for a less than desirable mobile company.  Perhaps it is that Microsoft systems don’t work well with other mobile and syncing systems.

Holiday shoppers getting smarter

The holiday season is in full swing and we are beginning to see how shoppers are using technology to make their shopping experience easier and a bit smarter.  Many are using their “online carts” to place items and find cheaper deals in brick-and-mortar stores.  Millions of shoppers are using their phones while shopping to compare costs from store to store.  What things are you doing this year to save some money?

Skype’s Newest App Will Translate Your Speech in Real Time

Business and technology are international.  Schools and universities are connecting across international borders.  Skype has introduced their newest feature for Windows 8.1 and for preview version for Windows 10 – voice translation in real time.  Unlike many features that rely on voice-to-text functionality, Skype is now showing off voice-to-voice functionality.  This truly is a great idea from Microsoft.  This news is helping considering the other Microsoft news we have discussed this week.

Popular smartphone app causes traffic jam uproar in California neighborhoods

Navigation apps are the big craze right now.  Commuters are using them religiously, attempting to shave minutes off their drive times.  A recent mishap with the Waze app, which directed thousands of commuters through a residential neighborhood and crowded the smaller capacity roadways, caused numerous issues for homeowners and the housing association.

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