The Biggest Mistakes in Tech History

fotomatOn Episode 368 of The Waves of Tech, we cover three major topics – Yahoo faces lawsuits over data breaches, the upcoming Apple event, and the biggest mistakes in tech history.  Yahoo was ordered by federal courts to face charges related to their massive data breaches from 2013 and 2014, potentially setting precedence in the tech community for cyber security and litigation moving forward.  Apple’s September 12 event will be help in the Steve Jobs Theatre at Apple Park, where we expect to hear announcements of a new iPhone, updates to Siri and HomePod, iOS 11, and the ARKit toolkit release.  And finally, we share some of the biggest tech mistakes in history including Kodak decision to dismiss the digital camera concept, Bill Gates bailing out Apple, and RealNetworks turning down the iPod.  The Waves of Tech is powered by – Modern Issues. Modern Discussions.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…The Waves of Tech.

The Courts Say Yahoo Must Face Lawsuits Over Data Breaches

In 2013 and 2014, Yahoo was massively hacked.  Over one billion accounts were hacked, with personal and sensitive information stolen.  Yahoo neglected to inform their users of the hack until months later during the Verizon acquisition.  Now we can say, “See you in court.”

  • Federal courts ruled Yahoo must face the judicial process related to their hackings
  • Victims’ lawyer for the case – “We believe it to be a significant victory for consumers.”
  • The lawyer plans to show the deficiencies or neglect of Yahoo’s security protocols
  • The Verizon purchase of Yahoo is still in the final stages of completion

Steve Jobs Theatre – What Will Apple Announce on September 12?

The next Apple event is slated for September 12 at the new Apple grounds in Cupertino, CA – Apple Park.  The newest auditorium will be known as Steve Jobs Theatre and will be the host for the next round of announcements from Tim Cook and the Apple team.

  • A new iPhone will be announced – but what name will it have and what will the cost be
  • iOS11 delivers ARKit, the augmented reality toolset for virtual overlay of objects)
  • Updates to Siri will be coupled with an update to HomePod, their smart speaker
  • Apple Park is a 1,000 seat theater and will be the future home for WWDC and events

Can You Say Oops? In Tech, There Are Always Mistakes

We can look back into the tech history books and point to some of the major blunders made by companies and their executives.  Some are more obvious than others and some are often overlooked.  We don’t really know what technology would look like today if these would have moments in history happened.

  • Kodak turns down an engineer’s idea of the digital camera in 1976
  • Yahoo had the chance to buy Google and missed the opportunity
  • RealNetworks turned down the idea of a personal music device – the iPod
  • Western Union rejected Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone patents
  • Netflix CEO offered Blockbuster his company for $50 million, Blockbuster passed
  • Apple bailed out by Microsoft’s Bill Gates for $150 million


Yahoo Must Face Lawsuits Over Data Breaches

Yahoo Faces Litigation for Data Breaches

Next Apple Event Held in the Steve Jobs Theatre

The Biggest Mistakes in Tech History

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