Black Friday Deals And Hot Holiday Items

We are joined with a good friend of the show and gadget guru Rick Limpert to talk about Black Friday deals, holiday hacks, and hot holiday items with special.  We talk about a wide range of items for the holidays from online Christmas card ordering, noise cancelling headphones, DSLR cameras, vintage video games, and portable gym bags.  And what about some holiday hacks such as finding places that price match, doing your homework online prior to shopping, using apps to find the best deals around, and finding out what benefits credit card companies offer for shoppers.

Rick’s Black Friday Deals

Christmas Cards from Card Fool (

If you don’t care to do the traditional sending of Christmas or holiday cars, considering using Card Fool as it makes giving your holiday cards easy and fun.  Order online, put in your own message, and the card is delivered right to the recipient for a single low fee per card sent.

Mixcder – E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones (

Noise cancelling headphones are a huge business right now.  Everyone from fitness gurus to gamers to home users are snatching these items up.  The costs typically vary from $100 to $400. Check out Mixcder’s E7 model offered at only $60.  It is an amazing deal with quick charging, a 12-hour playback life, and high quality sound over Bluetooth.

KICHGO – Portable Gym in a 2 lb. Bag (

For only $65, you can pick up the Kichgo portable gym bag for yourself or a fitness lover in your life.  This bag of goodies includes various gym items such as resistance bands, videos, and more. You can use the equipment for Pilates, circuit training, tabatas, and yoga routines.  This gym in a 2 pound bag makes fitness attainable for everyone by keeping it simple and helping everyone achieve consistency.

The C64 Mini  – Commodore 64 Mini (

This is one of Rick’s favorite items of 2018 at the low cost of $80 a unit.  If you remember all those great sports games on the Commodore 64, you’re going to be a fan of the Commodore 64 Mini.  THEC64® Mini, a 50% replica of the of the world’s bestselling home computer that launched in 1982, comes pre-loaded with 64 classic games and THEC64® Joystick.  The simple plug and play action is perfect for everyone in the family. Imagine classic Commodore games on a high definition 55-inch television!

Nikon D3500 DSLR (

Smartphone cameras having been getting better and better with each and every model, but some shots deserve more and that’s where the Nikon DSLR comes in.  The D3500 (priced at an affordable price tag – camera and lens only $499) is the lightest and most portable DSLR yet and the ultimate travel camera! The D3500 is perfect for on-the-go shooting with its compact and durable build.  Features include upgraded 24.2 megapixel sensor (15 times larger than a typical smartphone), HD video recording, Bluetooth connectivity with Nikon SnapBridge for instant image transfer to your smartphone.

Combat Wipes – Active Outdoor Wipes (

For the outdoor and hiking enthusiasts in your life, check out Combat Wipes – a 100% biodegradable wipe that you can bury after use. It goes back to nature 100%, has recyclable packaging, and has a cleansing and refreshing formula.  These are more than just another ordinary baby wipes pack – it specifically designed to the outdoor enthusiasts with the environment in mind. Buy one or as many as you want for $6.75 per pack.

Black Friday Deals, Holiday Hacks, and Hot Holiday Items

You may not know, but many credit cards companies offer additional benefits such as extended warranties on gadgets and tech.  Here are some examples, but be sure to call your local bank or credit card representative for specifics.

  • Save your receipt – the card statement showing the purchase and the manufacturer’s warranty, whether buying for yourself or as a gift
  • Use a card that provides Price Protection that will reimburse you for the difference between what you paid and the better price you found
  • Use a card that provides Purchase Protection that covers eligible purchases against accidental damage, theft, or loss
  • Use a card that allows Return Protection of certain items even if the merchant won’t accept it or issue a refund.

General tips for Black Friday shopping include:

  • Find places that will give you the best price
  • Doing preliminary research online for all items you plan to buy
  • Find out if stores offer price matching at the counter
  • Maximize your shopping by limiting time spent in stores and lines
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