Blog World 2011 and How Technology Touches Our Lives

Welcome in to Episode #112 with the tech trio of Steve, Dave, and Jim! Spread the word (@netcaststudio, @daveandfirefly, @ctrlaltdeliver) and share the podcast with others! We truly appreciate everything our subscribers have done for us.

We are fresh off our visit to Blog World & New Media Expo 2011. With BlogWorld LA now in our geographic region, it gave us an opportunity to be a part of the event. Some of the highlights from BlogWorld included the exhibit hall, the keynote presentations, and podcamp. The exhibit hall has some great vendors out there. We specifically talk about a few in this podcast – Stitcher, WeVideo, VoiceBase, Blekko, Livefyre, Webdoc, and NewMediaRights. Most of the tech exhibits were primarily focused on social media, new media, and content delivery. Another underlining theme was integration – capturing the use of your entire social, online media presence into one simple to use platform. With plenty of room to roam and time to check out each exhibit, we found some great products to use. Check out the discussion as we throw around our thoughts on BlogWorld and the new media realm.

Sometimes we lose sight of how technology touches our lives. We focus intently on mobile devices, apps, gaming, texting, and instant gratification. It’s nice to get a reality check and see how powerful technology can be when individuals, people, and communities band together. Jim shares a story very personal in nature. A recent car accident has banded thousands of people, unknown and known to assist with this tragedy. After the accident, was created to bring together those to hear the story of the accident. The community established an online meal planning schedule through so that Jim didn’t have to worry about meals three times a day and could focus on family, work, and other obligations. Jim dives into the technology he sees in the hospital setting as well. The refreshing aspect of this discussion is that technology truly has a direct impact in our lives, more often positive than negative.

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  1. BWELA
    • Stitcher, WeVideo, VoiceBase
    • Blekko, Livefyre, Webdoc, NewMediaRights
  2. Technology Touches Our Lives:  Sandra Glen, Meal Train, Rotating Bed (Hospital Tech)
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