Blue Apron’s Ups & Downs, Hybrid Devices Soar and Holiday Gadget Gift Ideas

We cover a wide range of tech topics in the news and share what matters most to you as a user of technology.  Blue Apron is continue to struggle with costs and profits since their technology IPO filing.  The meal kit provider is losing customers but existing customers are spending more on average.  The shift from traditional PC to hybrid devices continue.  As industries shift focus, so does the market for laptops, detachable Windows-based devices, and Android tablets.  With the holidays upon us, we share some fresh ideas for the tech or non-tech lover in the family.  Gifts range from set-top boxes, VR headsets, smart speakers, and video doorbell devices.  Lastly, texting turned 25 years old this week.  A two-word text sent in 1992 has revolutionized the means in which billions of us communicate.

2017 California STEAM Symposium

Dave will be attending the 2017 STEAM Symposium in San Francisco this upcoming weekend, covering the event with microphone and recorder in hand as he combs the hallways and sessions interviewing attendees and speakers and explores the exhibitors booths.  The symposium is a great event that highlights the latest and greatest in educational technology and provides tools, resources, and services to educators..

Blue Apron Struggles and Succeeds Simultaneously

After filing as a tech company during their initial public offering (IPO) last year, Blue Apron and their executive members have struggled to maintain profitability and gain membership.  New data this month does show a dip in users, but those staying around are spending more.

  • On average, a customer is spending $247 per quarter on goods and foods
  • A dip in customer base is negated by the increase in average dollars spent
  • The meal kit provider is cutting marketing and distribution costs over time
  • Continual struggles of gaining and retaining new customers is the main concern

While PC Sales Slump…Hybrid Devices Soar

It’s fairly evident that the sales of traditional desktop personal computers continue to slide down the ladder.  As business and industry move to mobile, personal computing devices such as the Microsoft Surface, the iPad offerings, and Android tablets are replacing PCs.  The trend will continue and projections through 2021 are out.

  • PC sales fell 2.7% in 2017 with an expected drop of 4% in 2018
  • Surface and mobile devices are set to see double-digit growth from 2018 through 2021
  • As the business, sales, and restaurant industries change, so does the demand
  • Windows-based detachables count for close to 50% of the volume in this category

Holiday, Christmas & Birthday Gadgets Gifts for Everyone

Whether you are buying for the tech lover in your life or just surprising someone you love this holiday season, there are a range of cool tech gadgets out that you may find interested.  Some options include smart speakers, wireless earbuds, cameras, and gaming consoles.

  • Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Google Home Mini are a great addition to homes
  • For parents, try Suzy Snooze – a smart night light with audio monitoring and sounds
  • Ring’s Video Doorbell Pro has built-in HD video, motion sensors, and two-way audio
  • Consider Roku, Apple TV, Amazon FireTV, Nintendo Switch, or a VR headset

Texting – You Are Getting Pretty Old

On December 3, 1992, the very first text message was sent and it read – Merry Christmas.  Of course, the receiver had no way of responding but the message was received.  And, twenty five years later messaging has become one the primary methods of communication.  Messaging at one time cost 10 cents message received and sent…seems so long ago since that reality.

  • Out of town trips have been planned without even speaking on the phone
  • Family events and celebrations are orchestrated through text messaging
  • Apps like Slack have built a successful industry business model based on messaging
  • Nearly 22 billion texts are sent on a daily basis, with little signs of slowing down


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