Breaking The Internet And Global Tech Visionaries

Amazon Web ServicesOn Episode 344 of The Waves of Tech, we are glad to be back after a short week off to attend PodFest Multimedia Expo and get some travel under our belts.  During the expo and travels, we came across some tech-related things that are worth sharing, including, broken phone screens, and the Uber/taxi/vanpool conflict.  In addition, we breakdown what happened last week when Amazon Web Services broke the internet for nearly five hours taking down several servers inadvertently by making a single typo.  A new global technology innovation survey ranked over 800 hi-tech executives and companies based on innovation and overall visionary in the information technology industry.  The results, whereas predictable, leave some room for friendly debate.  And finally, Microsoft is winning over some longtime Apple users for some very particular reasons as we continue the Microsoft vs Apple debate.  Thanks for tuning into the podcast and continue to ride…The Waves of Tech!

Tech During Our Travels

We recently took a trip to Orlando to attend and present at PodFest Multimedia Expo, representing our podcast, the network, and International Podcast Day.  Here is some of the tech-related things along the way.

  • The expo used for providing daily scheduling updates for attendees
  • Dave dropped his phone…and cracked the lower left portion of the screen.  Sad day.
  • The battle between van pool service, taxis, and Uber drivers came to the surface one day
  • A restaurant provided backlit menus to patrons, creating a nice touch to the elegant theme
  • The technology behind the Daytona 500 was front and center for race fans

Amazon Web Services Broke the Internet With a Typo

Last Tuesday, many people’s world seemed to collapse and work slowed to a crawl.  Amazon Web Services brought many servers offline because an employee make a single typo!

  • The employee incorrectly entered a command to take a small number of servers offline
  • The command had been intended to fix a billing system for Amazon; instead, the incorrect keystroke knocked several more servers offline
  • Platforms like Slack and other major cloud-based were affected for roughly 5 hours
  • There have always been concerns in the industry of something like this and it happened

Global Tech Visionaries

The research firm KPGM recently ranked over 800 hi-tech industry executives and companies around the world based on innovation and industry vision.  The results, were predictable, are interesting to debate and evaluate given the current state of information technology.

  • Breakthrough in the landscape of retail, financial services, manufacturing, government, and entertainment have been transformed by these firms and executives
  • Elon Musk  ranks #1 in innovative executive, with Tim Cook, Jack Ma (Alibaba), Larry Page, Sundar Pichai (Google), Satya Nadella, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs (a major surprise), and Marissa Mayer included in the Top 10.
  • The top visionary companies include Google, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, Telsa Motors, Alibaba, SpaceX, Samsung, and Cisco
  • The consultant firm recently completed the global technology innovation survey

Why Microsoft is now winning

Well look at that…the debate over which is better – Microsoft or Apple – has surfaced in the tech space once again.  The battle rages on, but why is Microsoft beginning to edge Apple once more.  We give some background into the beginnings of the Apple vs Microsoft debate as well.

  • Windows 10 is seen as the best operating system in years by consumers and it focused on design, processing power, user interface acceptance, and cost
  • Apple users are frustrated that they continue to focus on slimness and battery power rather than innovation and processing power
  • Enterprise will always prefer Microsoft over Apple for ease of use, compatibility, cost
  • The ultimate decision lies with the consumer – what they prefer is what they will buy
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