Broadband in America and Microsoft Surface for Students

The Waves of Tech comes to you this week with a host of new conversation and tech news.  This week’s show brings you a segment dedicated to product reviews by John Hanlon.  Check out his review of some of the latest Verizon products.  Steve and Dave provide commentary on the role Microsoft in playing in the educational markets as the provide huge discounts on their Surface RT tablet.  Finally, we breakdown the state of broadband service and adoption in the American market

Product Reviews

John Hanlon (previously the host of Google at a Glance) rejoins the Waves of Tech crew to provide the listeners with some quality product reviews.  This week, John provides reviews of the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet, the Verizon 4G/LTE JetPack (MiFi), and the Logitech Mini Boombox.

Microsoft Surface for Students and Educators

Microsoft sees an obvious fit for their Surface RT tablets in the educational sector because they are offered deeply discounted tablets to students.  Surface RTs, with 2013 Office installed, will be offered with discounts as deep as $300 off for the 32GB tablet.  Students are not the only ones to benefit!!  Over 10,000 educators in Texas will be handed a Surface RT for those attending and contributing their efforts during an annual educational conference presented by the International Society for Technology in Education.  Microsoft is again showing their desire to invest in education, both for the student and the teacher.  Listen in and we hope you get a chance to grab a free or discounted Surface RT.

Broadband in America

There has been a growing disgust, almost resentment, as to the quality of broadband in America today.  It is often described as weak, overpriced, selective, and slow.  With recent data provided by Akamai, it shows that the US is ranked 8th in overall broadband access and adoption.  The 8th place ranking is also gaining traction quarter by quarter.  The past three have proven exceptional for the US whereas  countries in Eastern Asia and Central Europe continue to remain stagnant in advancement.  With so many issues related to broadband, it is difficult to pinpoint a single reason as to why the US is not higher in ranking.  But, we are improving.


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