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Thanks for tuning into Episode 205 of The Waves of Tech!  We are so pleased to present this week’s tech news and talking points from the week.  We dive into Amazon’s traveling workforce, technologies recognizing driver fatigue, retailer fragmentation, and IT consultants that don’t carry through on contracts.  Be sure to grab the FREE App so that you don’t miss a single episode from the network’s wide variety of shows!

Amazon’s CamperForce… or Steve’s Retirement
It’s pretty clear that Amazon has implemented very creative and cost effective measures to deliver its customers’ packages on time and with very little expense to their bottom line.  Amazon, over the past few years, has been recruiting RV owners to work in distribution centers in specific locations nationwide.  With decent pay and paid for amenities, some RV owners are having a difficult time saying no to working for Amazon.

Bus Driver Fatigue Technology
It’s always great to hear of companies improving the safety of their services by focusing on the human element and a Dutch company is doing just that.  With the use of fatigue monitoring systems, this technology alerts bus drivers when their attention has briefly drifted from the roads and alarms drivers when fatigue may be settling in.  Next time you step into a private bus or a public transportation unit, look for technology to keep you a bit safer as you travel.

Big Box Stores Being Fragmented
Shopping for a new laptop, PC, Mac, or tablet can often be frustrating, confusing, and aggravating.  Stress levels can rise when sales associates are unable to provide breakdowns and analysis of system specifications.  Companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Verizon, and Samsung are beginning to staff specialized sales areas within big-box retailers, such as Best Buy.  Analysts tend to disagree on whether this is a step in the right direction for the consumer.

The iPad Baby Bouncy Seat
My, oh my.  When you thought technology couldn’t reach the 6 month old children, here it is.  Fisher Price is now selling an iPad Baby Bouncy Seat attachment so that parents can place the iPad within inches of the child’s reach and attention.  With obvious pushback from the American Academy of Pediatrics, how far would you go as a parent in this case?

Information Technology Businesses and IT Services
We have been working on an IT Services Proposal for a local charter school.  This charter school was forced to terminate a contract with another regional IT firm for lack of responsive time and incomplete ticket requests, just to name a few.  In addition, the firm has near complete control of the school’s data.  Of course, this is not the image IT firms should have and no way in which to operate a firm.  As we proceed down the proposal process, it provides an opportunity to share some insight to organizations in terms of protecting themselves from such action.  Finally, we circle the conversation by providing tips to IT firms (new or established) as to how to conduct business, keep proper records, and grow a consulting firm regionally.

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