California Delays Net Neutrality Law And IBM Acquires Red Hat

In California, the senator that authored the gold standard of net neutrality laws has delayed the implementation of that law after agreeing with the FCC to wait for judicial review.  In random news, CompUSA is back online after 11 years as the site is now a bargain affiliate based site for discounts products and tech gadgets. Google is now handing over some more privacy controls to users with the ability to clear their entire search history from their servers.  Finally, IBM is set to acquire Red Hat by end of 2019 in an attempt to compete in the cloud services industry and provide more offerings to their clients.

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California Tables Net Neutrality Law

Early this month, the California legislature and governor signed what has been dubbed as the “gold standard” of internet openness law.  Well, now Senator Scott Wiener (author of the bill) has agreed in principle with the US Attorney General’s office to halt the January 1 start date and allow the federal government a chance to proceed with their process.  Lots of questions here.

  • Perhaps California is now working side-by-side at the table with the government
  • Appears that one of the largest state in the nation has caved in the face of pressure
  • Why, when you are home to hundreds of startups & Silicon Valley tech companies
  • Deciding on a national framework for internet openness and freedom will not happen

DealCentral Goes Live with CompUSA Site

Alright, this is just really strange.  Who remembers CompUSA? The once super popular brick-and-mortar store specialized in providing home-based computer products, such as PCs, printers, accessories, and boxes of new software.  After closing all stores in 2007, has been reopened by a company known as DealCentral.

  • The resurrected site is now an affiliates bargain-based site
  • CEO says relaunch is strategically timed before the holiday season & Black Friday
  • DealCentral si a startup specializing in internet deal hunting and coupon finding
  • It’s strange to experience the birth of a once popular tech company over again

Google Handing Some Privacy Control Back to Users

Under the constant pressure of the United States Congress, the European Union’s newest GDPR standards, and their users, Google is finally set to hand over some privacy controls to users of their products.  According to Tom Warren, “you’ll now be able to review and delete recent search history within Google search itself.” That’s new and a good start!

  • Previously, you could delete your search history but Google’s servers retained that info
  • In 2019, you can turn off collecting data based on location and while using Maps
  • Privacy protections and data aggregation are two major talking points in 2018
  • Right now, Google has made these changes on desktop and mobile web

Cloud Computing – IBM Acquires Red Hat

In some big technology business news, Red Hat is set to be acquired by end of 2019 by IBM.  As IBM’s CEO Ginni Rometty said, this is a game-changer in the cloud computing business. This purchase of the incredibly successful and useful open-source software company will allow IBM to compete directly with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

  • IBM has changed focus to cloud computer, AI, and security over the last 10 years
  • Red Hat offers another layer of service to IBM’s internationally focused business model
  • This is an opportunity to change IBM’s future style, perception, and offerings
  • Red Hat and Linux, in principal, allows IBM to be competitive in cloud computing

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