Celebrity Photo Hacks And Tech Growth In Cleveland

Welcome to this week’s show, Episode 235 of The Waves of Tech!  We have so much to discuss as a lot of tech stories hit the headlines this week.  These include the celebrity photo hack, Home Depot security breach, Google’s $19 million payout, the upcoming Apple event, Google accounts for kids, and the tech growth in Cleveland.  And to think this gets covered in 35 minutes!  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Celeb Photo Hack
Twitter pretty much exploded as word surfaced that over 100 celebrity accounts were breached and personal photos were distributed online.  Many are blaming iCloud for the breach, as the photos were hacked from iCloud accounts.  Apple spent hours determining that accounts were breached but not via iCloud systems, rather because of weak passwords and user accounts.  We are all susceptible to data and information theft.  Let’s protect ourselves before it happens to us.

Home Depot
In a major breach of personal financial information, Home Depot is hot water after reporting the news.  To elevate the situation, Home Depot allegedly knew about the issue for some months now and did not report the findings to users and stockholders.  In an age where theft is growing and more prevalent, we need protect ourselves and not rely on mega-companies to protect us on our behalf.  One idea – more cash use, less credit card use.

Twitter Length
We have found an interesting development that specific news media outlets have started doing.  Some news broadcasts have began modifying tweets in order to “clean up” the language of tweets.  For example, “u” is being changed to “you” and “r” is being changed to “are.”  We would assume that many prefer their tweets to be read as-is rather than having them reworded.  Have you noticed this trend during your watchings?

When we think of tech growth, we typically don’t think of The Midwest.  Well, things are changing a bit out there especially in Cleveland, Ohio.  Cleveland is quickly becoming a central hub for server farms (most recognize them as data centers or “the cloud”).  Ohio is home to very cheap energy, a key component to keeping cooling costs down in server farms.  The region also boasts an incredible use of fiber-optic cable, another critical element of data delivery and speed.

Google for Kids
Corporations must comply with COPPA, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.  COPPA imposes controls on the collection and use of information about children under 13 years of age.  Google has been working on a version of YouTube and GMail that would be youth-friendly, all while adhering to the strict regulations outlined in COPPA.  Let us know your thoughts on the growing demand to provide Internet-based services to children.

Google Payout
In more Google news, the tech giant has settled in the courts to the tune of $19 million to cover the purchasing of apps done by children while using parents’ phones.  This payout is large but speaks to the fact that many platforms, include Google Play and the Apple Store, still need to incorporate layers of protection to avoid the mishaps of purchasing applications.  We have some ideas on the topic.

Apple Event
Next Tuesday September 9th, Apple is holding their annual event.  will be streaming the event live for those that do not have access to the event.  We expect to see the new iPhone on display and some fancy new wearable technologies.

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