Cell Phone Stories And Solar Trash Cans

This week on The Waves of Tech 229, after a bit of a delay from the last podcast, we are here to talk all things tech!!  We love it and hope you do too.  On the show today, we discuss how the landline continues its dive in usage, the use of solar trash cans, and a new way of reserving tables using your personal device.  We wrap up the show with a crazy story of an iPhone making a nine month adventure back to its owner and the telling a tragic story of a 15-year losing her life.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

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Reserving Tables

Steve experienced a new method of reserving tables that he hadn’t seen before.  While visiting and staying in San Diego hotel, he noticed many youth placing their cell phone on a chair to reserve their seat, rather than the traditional leaning of a chair or draping a napkin.  Is this a fairly common method used by many now?  With theft so rampant, probably not the best approach the take.

Solar trash cans

The City of Philadelphia’s waste management system received a high-tech upgrade recently.  The city has installed a number of solar-powered trash compactors on the streets of Philly, saving nearly $1 million a year.  In addition to self powering, the built-in communication system relays information back to personnel and informs them of the bin’s capacity.  We hope to see these systems pop up in other cities around the nation.

4 out of 10 have no home phone

Landlines are continuously falling out of favor from consumers in the home, and with good reason.  Recent data shows that 4 out of 10 homes no longer use and pay for a landline.  Many have resorted to simply relying on the cell phone as the primary method of staying in touch with friends and family.  We at NetCastStudio do not rely on landlines anymore.  What is your take on the future of the landline.

Amazon Trade-in

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Lost iPhone journey

In an incredible story, a man lost his cell phone in a silo containing 280,000 pounds of grains.  After taking a trip from Oklahoma to Louisiana, from the Arkansas River to the Mississippi, and from the Panama Canal to the coast of Japan, the owner of the phone received a phone call.  The individual in Japan was nice enough to contact the owner and return his phone, roughly nine months after losing it.

Teen killed while trying to save her iPhone

In a very tragic sequence of events, a 15-year old is dead after being thrown off the trunk of a vehicle as she attempted to retrieve her stolen iPhone.  A man stole the phone from the hands of the 15-year old as her an her 7-year old sister walked home.  A family is now mourning the loss of a young child because a moment of judgment and the act of a criminal took her life.

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