Are CEO’s Perplexed About Technology

Thanks for listening to The Waves of Tech, a finalist in the Tech category for the 2013 Podcast Awards.  On this week’s show, we discuss the news that Nielsen will soon be collecting data from non-traditional sources and discuss the shift Disney is making toward distributing a new TV series to an app-only platform.  In our main topic, we banter about the knowledge CEOs actually have about the technology their company endorses and the technology behind their products.  Thanks for listening and continue to ride…. The Waves of Tech.

2013 Podcast Awards

It is with much excitement and jubilance we announce that The Waves of Tech, the flagship show of , has been nominated as one of the Top 10 Tech Podcasts in this year’s Podcast Awards.  First, thank you for everyone that nominated our show and continue to support the show.  We encourage everyone to head over to podcast awards for all the voting details.


Nielsen Ratings is in process of releasing a SDK (Software Developer Kits) that will finally incorporate stats associated with mobile device viewing, DVRs, and Internet-based platforms.  This has been a very long time coming as the statistical-based rating firms tries to maintain pace with an industry trend of non-traditional viewing.  Data compiled will be very helpful to TV executives that utilize data from Nielsen to set advertising rates.


In an attempt to grab the attention of the tiniest of viewers, Disney is launching their latest TV show exclusively to the tablet and app market.  The first nine (9) episodes of an upcoming series will be available only through the Watch Disney Junior App. This is a stark contrast to Disney’s approach, as the popularity of The Disney Channel and Disney Junior continue to grow and produce great profits.  Watch this move from Disney to spark a movement in other organizations to make the slow transition to app-only distribution.

CEOs and Tech

The question we ask in this week’s discussion is – How much does a CEO really know about technology?  It’s a worthy question to ask given the recent struggles facing the Affordable Care Act’s website.  With many questions being asked and very few answers coming from executive levels of government, it’s time to ask how much should and do they know about the technology.  We know a CEO’s role in the company – drive up profits, reduce operating costs, reduce risk, improve efficiencies, and determine long-range company planning.  So when things go south for the company or organization, what amount of accountability falls upon the shoulders of CEOs?

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