CES 2011, Cell phone privacy, and long form writing

CES 2011 kicks off in Las Vegas, Cell phone privacy and the court system, Long form verse short form writing, and Facebook reaches another milestone.


Show Notes

1. Live streaming of CES 2011, January 6-10
CES is happening this week in Las Vegas and Waves of Tech will be streaming CES live as a part of the TechPodcast Network. Check out the live stream through www./ces2011.

2.Courts OK searching of cell phones

The California Supreme Court is allowing police to search arrestees’ cell phones without a warrant, saying defendants lose their privacy rights for any items they’re carrying when taken into custody. Steve and Dave disagree a bit here. The topic opens the reality that maybe we, as a nation, have yet to figure out how tech fits into the realm of privacy and personal rights.
3.Loss of long form writing
Some are arguing that Tweeting and text messaging is increase the desire for long form writing again, proper grammar, and decent puncutation. Steve talks about his personal texting and writing habits as it relates to this concept and his personal usage of texting. Dave discusses that there are times and places and avenues for short, medium, and long form writing, all of which are still prevalent and relevant.

4.Facebook reaches 600 million
Facebook continues to reach milestones as the social media giant eclipses the 600 million user mark. Not so bad for a company that was launched in early 2004. Facebook is more than a social network, in the sense of personal contacts and interaction. Facebook has seen unprecedented growth in the professional and business sectors. Steve and Dave analyze this and more.

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