A Trip Down Photographic Memory Lane And 2012 Gadgets

The Waves of Tech guys are back after the fantastic holiday break. Episode 118 is packed with more tech news and how tech is influencing our lives. This week we preview our visit to CES 2012 in Las Vegas, discuss the predicted top gadgets of 2012, and throw in some conversation about photography in the digital era. Please join the conversation with Steve, Dave, and Jim in Episode 118.

CES 2012 is just around the corner! We are excited to be making the trip to Las Vegas and covering the entire electronics show. Waves of Tech has teamed up with TPN.tv to deliver you every booth and floor interview we conduct. We will be talking to some major electronic players in the industry, tech start-ups, mobile devices manufacturers, audio equipment producers, and so much more. Live streaming begins on Tuesday, January 10th at 10AM PST.

We recently discussed some potential tech trends of 2012 in a recent episode so we are following that conversation up with some projected top gadgets of 2012. Here is a list of some potential top gadgets in 2012: Autom, Fitbit, Nokia Lumia, Makerbot, Ultrabooks, Kindle Fire, PSP Vita. Do you think any of these have the potential to be “the big thing” in 2012? We are pretty much sold on the relationship that Microsoft and Nokia have built and look forward to the integration methods in the next Windows Phone 7. We are not sold on the movement toward Ultrabooks. The tablet market in in high demand, with little to no slowing down in sight. Listen in to hear the rest of our thoughts and leave your comments below.

We get lost in all the craziness of digital media, camera phones, and the digital photo sharing platforms. Take a moment of visit the links in the show notes. The first is a historically rewind a 1970’s project titled “Documerica.” The project was put forth by the then recently formed US EPA. It challenged photographers to capture the environmental and non-environmental happenings of the time. Check out this Flickr page for a comprehensive collection of photos, circa 1970. A cool site is dearphotograph.com, a platform for combining modern day photos with photos of the past. Check it out and relive some beautiful moments that can all remind us of special moments in our lives.

1. CES Preview & Live Stream
2. Top Gadgets for 2012
3. A Photographic Blast From The Past, Kodak CH11, http://dearphotograph.com/

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