CES 2015 Preview And The iTunes Decline

This week on the Waves of Tech 248, it’s all about the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  With big announcements in consumer technology, specifically related to TVs and cable viewing options, there is plenty to discuss.  Health and biotech are again big ticket topics.  Finishing the show, we dissect the reasons behind the iTunes decline over the past few years and explain the move Microsoft is making in emerging markets.  As always, enjoy the podcast and continue to ride the waves of tech!

TVs, Dish, and other CES News

The big ticket item making news out of CES is a new line and advancement in televisions.  This includes 4k, Ultra HD, SUDH, and Quantum Dots technology.  The TV companies are trying to provide consumers with an incentive to be “out with the old, in with the new.”  What would incentivize you to replace a TV?  Dish is making a splash with their movement toward offering cable programming without a cable subscription package and an “a la carte” approach to selecting specific channels.

CES Self Tracking Devices

Health and biotech are at the top of the list this year.  The latest innovation hitting the industry is CellScope, a little ear scope attachment to your iPhone that streams footage of the inside of someone’s ear.  The data can be transmitted to CellScope that have medical doctors on call to evaluate the footage and provide sound medical advice.  Pretty crazy approaches being taken in the healthcare industry.

Rick Limpert (@RickRoswell), fellow podcaster and friend, is in Vegas covering the CES frenzy.  Both Rick and Steve will be discussing his Vegas adventures on this week’s episode of Tech of Sports.  Stay tuned for the release!

Nokia and Microsoft’s $29 phone, Emerging Markets

Microsoft announced the release of a $29 Nokia phone that will be targeted for sale and use in specific emerging markets like the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.  The phone will offer basic phone calling, texting, and apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and weather.  The infrastructure is still lacking in some markets so the phone will run on a 2G platform.  It’s a worthy market for Microsoft to invest in and should be profitable.

With Downloads In Decline, Can iTunes Adapt?

iTunes, arguably the most successful and still the most popular market for music services, has seen sharp declines over the past two years.  The decline amounts to roughly 20% since 2013.  So, what is contributing to the decline.  Without question, popular free streaming services are playing a role.  iTunes has also changed the user experience and have introduced new services that have failed to capture the attention of lifetime iTunes users.

New Media Expo

Dave, Steve, and Debbie are heading the NMX in April.  We are anticipated an amazing podcasting tract, thanks to the work of Dave Jackson of The School of Podcasting.  And of course, we want to meet as many people as possible so look for our tweets!  Be sure to say hi and we will be their with our heads up as well.


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