Changing Landscape Of Digital Wallets And Payments

This weeks on The Waves of Tech 237, we get back to talking tech as we all love to do.  In tech stories this week, we dive into the changing landscape of digital wallets and digital payments with the introduction of Apple Pay.  Is this a game changer? Also, National Podcast Day is a few weeks away and remember to join in the conversation.  In closing, we had a chance to get our hands on an Amazon Fire Phone and we share our thoughts on the device.  Thanks for tuning in and as also, continue to ride…the waves of tech.

National Podcast Day
In celebration of the 10th anniversary and growth of podcasting, we are supporting National Podcast Day.  As the month continues to move on, the day of celebration gets even closer.  We are looking forward to celebrating wih the podcasting community on September 30th!  Don’t forget to head to, find them on all the major social media outlets, and use the official hashtag – #podcastday.  “Start The Conversation” and tell someone else about National Podcast Day.

Apple Pay & Digital Wallets
When Apple endorses a new venture, the world seems to come to a halt and rumors tend to fly.  Apple introduces Apple Pay, a not-so-new way of conducting transactions without the use of cash or a debit/credit card.  After finally embracing NFC technology, it appears Apple has garnished support from some of the major banks and retailers.  But, what are the real barriers to success when dealing with mobile payments and digital transactions.  Security?  Convenience?  Cost implementation?  Hear our thoughts on the topic right now.

Fire Phone Review
Debbie, a co-host of the show Busy Ladies, took the leap and picked up a Fire Phone over the weekend.  The fit, function, and form of the device is nice.  The interface is intuitive and the operating system is fairly straightforward to operate.  Some of the features lacking on the phone are accessibility to the “usual” number of apps available through other mobile devices and limited quality of the camera installed.  If anyone else is using the Fire Phone, let us know your thoughts on the device.

Monday Night Football
Football season is amongst us!  With plenty of headlines, both on and off the field to start the season, it gives us a reason to be engaged and rout for our favorite teams.  On the other side of the coin, this always means that many of us miss out on games due to broadcasting rights and payment structures.  Well, Steve put together a quick little work around so that his daughter could watch the game.  It’s a cool story!


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