Christmas Holiday Tech Items 2016

On Episode 334 of The Waves of Tech, we are joined by our great friend and fellow podcaster Rick Limpert from Wireless Wednesday Live.  Rick knows all the cool tech gadgets out there for this holiday season.  So, we dive into the Christmas holiday shopping craze and share some of those tech items that are quietly under your radar.  These include tech-based sleep aides, indoor air purifiers, routers, solar chargers, and so much more.  We finish that show by sharing the technology out there that we could really live without and this includes virtual reality, selfie sticks, TV options, and more.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Christmas Tech Holiday Items

This week we are joined by Rick Limpert, host of Tech of Sports podcast on the network and certified tech gadget guru.  Here are some of the unique tech items that Rick is suggesting this holiday season.

  • The Dreampad soothes troubled sleepers by emitting scientifically tested sound and vibrations to reduce stress and calm the mind and body.  The Dreampad connects with an easy to use smartphone app via Bluetooth and the soothing music and sounds do not disturb your partner.
  • 50 million Americans suffer from nasal allergies and the Honeywell Compact AirGenius 4 Air Cleaner is a powerful and more efficient way to clean indoor air.  The unit has four intuitive operation settings – Sleep, General, Allergen, and Max – and uses contemporary controls to optimize filter performance in rooms up to 150SqFt.  The model also includes a permanent, washable filter for convenience and low cost maintenance.
  • Secur SP-6000 Ultimate Solar Charger – A 10,000 mAh battery charger that works on any smartphone with dual USB ports, sounds pretty good in this age when you need external power 24 hours a day.  The charger gives gadget users this and more with its two high efficiency solar panels that can charge an iPhone 5 times and some Android handsets more than that. With two folding panels, enough power to get you through a long weekend is on hand and more charging is occurring at all times.
  • Considering a drone as a gift?  Check out Drones for the Holiday’s with Rick and Steve – Drones as holiday gifts.

What tech are you NOT thrilled about or invested in?

Sometimes, tech isn’t for everyone.  There are always a couple tech innovations that drive us up the wall and we share our personal items that we are not particularly thrilled about.

  • Dave – Virtual Reality is amazing in its own right, but not something Dave is interested in using.  The bulkiness and awkwardness of the headsets and surroundings just doesn’t cut it.  Also, Dave says enough with the over-the-top smart home automation devices.  No one needs a WiFi enabled coffee maker, an app to turn lights off and on, or an app to change the settings on your surround sound.
  • Steve – Wanna know what Steve isn’t a fan of?  Selfie Sticks!  They are still strange to see if use.  People too often don’t consider their surroundings and still try to sneak them into amusement parks.
  • Rick – Walk into any Costco, Best Buy, or Sam Club and you are hit with about 100 different TVs.  Curved, Ultra HD, 4K, and more models and makes than you can wrap your head around.  Let’s ease up on the TV displays.
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