Clippy Back In The News And Amazon Buys Router Technology

On Episode 433 of the Waves of Tech, we are diving into another round of technology news and notes from the week.  It has been one year since SpaceX launched Starman in a Tesla Roadster, so we check in to see how the travels are going.  Microsoft’s Clippy emerged from the recycle bin for an inclusive interview; his comments are hilarious. Amazon just bought Eero, a mesh router technology company with plans to simplify the smart home WiFi and integration problems plaguing many homes.  And finally, Microsoft is essentially encouraging users and businesses to stop using Internet Explorer. Thanks for tuning in and don’t forget to keep on techin’.

One Year Anniversary of Starman & Tesla’s Roadster

WOW.  It’s already been one full year since SpaceX launched the inaugural flight of their Falcon Heavy rocket with a Roadster as payload.  In the past 12 months, Starman has traveled more than 470 million miles around the sun. A chemist spoke with Live Science and stated that some of the organic materials are probably beginning to breakdown in space.

  • Space junk, micro-meteorites, and solar radiation are pounding the vehicle
  • Leather seats, rubber tires, and paints may be gone due to space conditions
  • The aluminum frame may last for well over 1 million years in orbit
  • Visit for up to date information and Starman’s status

Clippy is Back!

We all remember the once beloved Clippy, the Microsoft Office digital assistant.  Well maybe beloved is not the name – more like annoying, obnoxious, and pesky. In what we know as an unprovocted write-up, Andrew Baron of Spiceworks imagined an interview with Clippy in 2019.  And it is one of the most hilarious things we have read in months.

  • Clippy now goes by the more mature and grown-up name of Clip
  • “I’m a little bent out of shape” says the retired assistant and does not care for Alexa
  • Clippy noted modern assistants lack the character & charisma he brought to the screen
  • He has fell on hard times since forced retirement was set for him in 2007

Amazon Buys Mesh Router Technology

Eero has been an up and coming mesh networking and router company since 2016.  Their products have proven to integrate simply into existing smart home systems and proven to be easily installed via app within 10-15 minutes.  And now, Amazon and Eero have come to terms as the e-commerce giant has bought the company for an undisclosed amount.

  • With the growth of Echo & Alexa products, this seems like a straightforward match
  • Mesh routing technology is designed for the modern and connected home
  • Eero owners have raved about the productivity and reliability of the routers & beacons
  • As smart home integration continues, this puts Amazon and Eero is a competitive zone

Microsoft, “Stop Using Internet Explorer”

Four years ago, the software giant killed off the Internet Explorer brand yet millions of users and businesses continue to use the aging browser.  The reasons are limited, but it is mostly due to legacy web applications built specifically for businesses or governments that have yet to be move away from IE.  The time to move is now, for the sake of us all.

  • Major security concerns are at play with the continued use of Explorer
  • Microsoft doesn’t even call IE a browser anymore, simply a compatibility solution
  • On the other end, Edge has not really made up as a really sound solution
  • Consumers today mostly rely on the likes of Chrome and Firefox

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