Cloud Storage Competition and MTV’s Power of 12

The Waves of Tech just keeps crashing into your world of tech! Here we go with Episode #133 – Spring Cleanup for your computer, Google Drive cloud storage, and MTV goes fantasy with Election 2012. Be sure to send your comments, thoughts, and ideas on any show topic of interest. Hope you enjoy the podcast and continue to ride the waves of Tech.


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Spring Cleanup Tips for You!!

  • Operating System updates

  • Anti-virus

  • File and application cleanup

  • Application updates

  • Browser cache flush

  • (PC) Defrag

  • Firewalls (Router and local machine)

  • Physical cleaning

  • Backup, backup

Note: As discuss in the show, following are some Mac Anti-Virus solutions. Free versions are typically ad supported.

  • Eset Security
  • Kaspersky (Mac App Store)


Cloud Storage – How do they compare?

Google is at it again. Wait, who are we kidding. Google is always at it – finding new ways to integrate their platform and make Google the #1 choice for Internet users. With Google Drive, they are going to be offering cloud storage. Pricing starts at $30/year and gradually scales up based on storage needs. Check out the conversation and let us know what cloud based platform you are using. Be sure to click the link above for specifics on Google Drive including: mobile integration, sharing, collaboration, desktop integration, in-browser access, and more.

Fantasy Election: MTV Turning 2012 Election into Game; MTV’s Power of 12

MTV is hurling a new idea into the political and electoral process – Fantasy Elections. Yes, fantasy elections! Think about the intrigue and popularity of fantasy sports such as football, golf, NASCAR, and basketball. MTV is now bridging that gap with the anticipation of capturing the American youths (18-24) desire to be involved in the democratic process. The music based powerhouse has teamed up with some big political movers and is set to make a big stand in the election process of 2012. MTV has always had their hand in the election process, dating back to the early years of Rock The Vote. What are your thoughts on the idea of bringing the political process into the fantasy arena?

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