Combating Technology Addiction, Corporate Social Activism And New Generation Text Messaging

On Episode 390 of The Waves of Tech, we are covering a new of topics in the news and what is affecting us as consumers and users of technology.  A group of former executives having formed a advocacy group to combat the growing teen smartphone and social media addiction issue.  After the Parkland shooting, students are taking to social media to demand change regarding gun policy and organizing marches.  Corporations are now denouncing and ending their relationship with the NRA as an act of corporate online social activism to a degree which we have never seen.  Over 40 companies are pushing the latest in messaging technology – Rich Communication Service – that provide a richer experience overall.  And finally, we take a look at Steve Jobs’ 1973 job application that is up for auction for $50,000.  The Waves of Tech is powered by – Modern Issues. Modern Discussions.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…The Waves of Tech.

Former Tech Executives Fighting Technology Addiction

A number of past executives from the likes of Google, Facebook, and Mozilla has founded an advocacy group – Center for Humane Technology (CHT).  Their goals are to combat the growing addiction teens and youth are having with smartphones, social media, and tech and lessening the negative impact of automation and technology on development.

  • A 2015 survey quoted teenager spend nine (9) hours per day on social media
  • Technology companies has figured out how to keep youth on their platforms
  • CHT is trying to minimize screen time, create real in-person interactions
  • A major goal is to provide and implement stronger privacy and youth protections

What Parkland is Showing Us in Real Time & Corporate Social Activism

The mass school shooting in Parkland, Florida was horrific and tragic.  Seventeen lives were taken and families destroyed.  What we didn’t see coming was a massive movement from high schools students across the nation advocating and demanding change all via social media.  In addition, corporation which are typically silent, have embarked on social activism.

  • Over 2 dozen corporations has revoked their position and relationship with the NRA
  • Companies are taking to Twitter to demonstrate their activism and position
  • Students have organized march outs and are shifting the political discussion/climate
  • Technology is proving to be an important and critical tool for their success

The New Generation of Text Messaging is Near

Have you heard of Rich Communication Services (RCS)?  If not, RCS is designed to create a “richer” manner of communication via messaging.  Think of the best features of WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat.  The experience is different than the standard SMS (Short Message Service) experience.

  • Over 40 companies are working on the newer, more robust method of communication
  • Location sharing, high-res photos and videos, group text functionality, read receipts
  • The one problem is that cell phone providers are not embracing the technology yet
  • Google is the major player and may be looking to implement sooner rather than later

A 1973 Steve Jobs Application up for Auction

We love nostalgic items here on the podcast.  In this case, an employment application from 1973 from Steve Jobs is being auctioned for an estimated $50,000!  The application (link provided below) is riddled with errors and clearly very incomplete.  In three years time, he would join Apple and change the way we use and embrace technology.

  • A newspaper clipping and signed Mac OS X operating manual are being auctioned too
  • Jobs lists no former work history, method of transport, or position desired
  • A very bizarre beginning to an incredible career as a technological pioneer


Combating the Technology Addiction

More than 40 Companies Working on New Generation Text Messaging

Steve Jobs Employment Application

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