Commercial Drone Use And Google News

part 107On Episode 322 of The Waves of Tech, we are joined with JD Sutter, founder of Porchlight Family Media, as we dive into a variety of tech headlines.  This week, we revisit conversation from past episodes and talk about hotel WiFi and compare Amazon Prime Now to Google Express.  Drones for commercial and business use continue to skyrocket under the newest FAA regulations.  Steve shares his story of obtaining his commercial drone pilot license.  Next up is some Google news, including their newest Crowdsource app and their recent hire of an former Airbnb executive to oversee the self-driving vehicle commercialization.

JD Sutter – Porchlight Family Media

We are joined this week by  JD Sutter.  JD has been a long time supporter of this show and the The Waves of Tech.  Going on his ninth year as a podcaster from the Valley of The Sun, his main focus is on audio drama productions.  As founder of Porchlight Family Media, the focus is creating family centered content.  Thanks for the continual support JD and welcome to the podcast.

Revisited Conversations

In Episode 321, we debated the merits of specific amenities that should or should not be offered at hotels and motels.  We discuss some listener feedback from that show and elaborate on some areas we missed.  In Episode 320, we offered up Google Express as an alternative for grocery and home goods deliver.  JD provides a recap of his experience of using the service and compares that to Amazon Prime Now.

Drones for Businesses Can Take Off Under New FAA Regulations

Since the introduction of new FAA regulations to govern drone use in the commercial setting, we have seen an uptick in new drone businesses popping up and drones being used in a wide variety of uses (such as use in agriculture, real estate, and hospitality).  Steve has been studying up and recently passed the FAA Part 107 exam, giving himself the title of a commercial drone pilot!  Congratulations to Steve and hear our discussion about the experience and Steve’s future plans for utilizing the drone in his business.

International Podcast Day

September 30th is almost here and that means International Podcast Day is coming…and you can get involved with the event!  You can grab some graphics promotional material and use it on your website and social media or incorporate the audio promo into your podcast.  Don’t forget to pick up your #PodcastDay merchandise for this year’s event as well.

Crowdsource App

Google announced and released their Crowdsource app for Google Play.  Google’s new app asks users to help with translation, transcription, and image transcription in an attempt to improve those uses throughout other apps, in search, and on their operating systems.  It is unusual in this case that Google is not providing credits in exchange for helping them out.  They are  simply asking users to provide input without kick back, which will probably limit the amount of interested users downloading and using the app.  Perhaps throwing a few credits towards Google Express in exchange for helpful contributions would make sense.

Google Hires Former Airbnb Executive for self driving car project

Shaun Stewart has been hiring by Google to head up the commercialization of their self-driving car project.  The former Airbnb executive previously was responsible for some operational, strategic, and marketing elements of the now popular online vacation home rental marketplace.  What was once a far fetched idea, Google’s self-driving car project is nearing a reality.  They have tested over 60 vehicles travelling nearly 2 million miles to work on location and safety features.  Google opened an engineering tech center in Michigan and signed a collaboration with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to double its autonomous vehicles fleet.

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