AT&T Time Warner Merger, 21st Century Fox, and General Motors Transformed

On Episode 404 of The Waves of Tech, it is all about company acquisitions and transforming businesses and yourself!  First up, a United States federal judge approved the merger of AT&T and Time Warner Cable. In effect, AT&T owns distribution, content, and media rights to nearly 100 companies across the world.  Moreover, Comcast and Disney are battling for the acquisition of a 21st Century Fox stake to add additional content and rights to the asset class. This all may spell trouble for consumers as net neutrality regulations are set to expire thanks to the Federal Communication Commission.  Next, the CIO of General Motors has transformed the Information Technology branch of the company in just under five years by insourcing over 10,000 jobs and focusing on innovation, research, and development. Lastly, we share a personal story of how one single app is changing the life of addiction.  The Waves of Tech is powered by – Modern Issues. Modern Discussions.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…The Waves of Tech.

AT&T and Time Warner Merger Approved by Judge

Without question, the wheels have come off.  We have officially lost track of who owns who in the entertainment, telecommunication, television, and broadcast industries.  As companies continue to buy other leaders and mega-companies in the industry, the likes of AT&T have become vertically integrated corporations owning broadcast, distribution, and content rights.

  • Federal judge approves merger of Time Warner and AT&T with little issue
  • Justice Department fails to prove merger would lead to less competition and innovation
  • AT&T is set to profit tenfold without net neutrality regulations in effect at the moment
  • Sports, movies, animation, news, production, and more is now all owned by AT&T

Who Ends Up With 21st Century Fox?

There is a bidding war going on right now between Comcast and Disney in their pursuit of 21st Century Fox.  Disney made a move for Fox in 2017 and Comcast has now offered up $65 billion. Regardless of which corporation ends up with Fox, the next generation of conglomerate entertainment businesses are upon us…and that doesn’t bode well for consumers.

  • A minority stake in Hulu is a major talking point in the proposed deals
  • Each player is looking to capitalize on the Fox brand, image, and historical significance
  • Every move is to just stay afloat within the telecommunications industry at the moment
  • On-demand, consumable content is what every corporation is chasing

The Transformation of General Motors

Over the past five year, Randy Mott (Chief Information Office of General Motors) has transformed the automobile company into a force to be reckoned with in the future.  Mott is well known for his contributions as CIO of Walmart, HP, and Dell. His position with GM has positioned GM in a place of power, innovation, recruitment, and stability, to name a few.

  • Mott opened 4 innovation center strategically located around the United States
  • Outsourcing of IT talent ended, bringing in over 10,000 IT employees and staff
  • Nearly 80% of information technology staff now focus on innovation, research
  • Focuses – self-driving car technology, better data analytics for and from the vehicles

Apps Change Lives, A Personal Story

Last week we shared the story of Amanda Southworth and her push in application development to help save the lives of those suffering from depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts.  Now this week, Steve shares his personal story of how a 99-cent app is helping him kick his nicotine addiction of nearly 50 years. Technology is amazing; technology is helpful; technology is a tool; technology is resource.  Use it to your benefit!

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