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The majority of computer voices over time have been female. We can consider the recent reveal of Apple’s Siri, GPS units, automated car prompts, and many more. But, what’s the real reason behind dominant female voices? What historical perspective can we find here? Female voices were used in WW2 navigational devices because their voices stood out more than their male counterparts. Biologically, we are more apt to respond to a female voice and find it pleasing to hear a woman’s voice rather than a man’s. Follow the discussion as we conclude with our thoughts on the “revolutionary” Siri integration.

Amazon has begun embracing HTML5 for their new Kindle Fire. HTML5 boasts a host of rich content formats, improving upon the Internet experience by augmenting audio, video, and interactive elements. What place does this have in the education field? Students can experience a text book that is dynamic, alive, compelling, and progressive. Combine that with instant, up-to-date, relevant text and we have a serious victory for kids here. Imagine what a science, history, or psychology e-text book could be HTML5 format! We open up and discuss the influence tech is having on the educational sector. Be sure to check out a piece of what HTML5 can offer through this link:

The biography of Steve Jobs has been release. Millions of copies have been bought or downloaded already. The passing of Jobs has brought to life the relative short tenure of many CEOs in today’s technology firms. IBM recently promoted Virginia Rommety, Yahoo recently fired Carol Bartz, and Tim Cook succeeds Jobs. In our discussion, we try to highlight some reasons why tenure is shorter, why the pressure is higher, and why the current state of technology strains CEOs.

1. Computer Voices: Siri, Gender, Origins

2. Amazon embraces HTML5 for new Kindle Format. What could this do for education?
Amazing example of the power of HTML5 and video Arcade Fire:

3. Smart phone changeover – Steve Jobs Biography

4. Technology CEO’s.  What is Changing

  • IBM: Virginia Rommety (headed up Business services division)
  • HP: Meg Whitman (eBay- Skype purchase) Carly Fiorina (Former HP-ousted after battle to acquire Compaq)
  • Google – Eric Schmidt / Larry Page
  • Yahoo: Carol Bartz Out Tim Morse CFO in
  • Apple Tim Cook succeeds Steve Jobs


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