Consumer Electronic Announcements and Tech Curriculum

Welcome to Waves of Tech, Episode 151. Thanks to all that commented and tuned into our century and a half episode last week. We truly appreciate it. This week’s show brings a host of new topics – The latest update in technology curriculum, YouTube announces their newest iOS application, Amazon releases its latest line of Kindles, and Apple made another huge splash with the iPhone 5 release. Enjoy the show and don’t forget to visit us in iTunes, provide a star rating, and leave a comment about the show. Thanks everyone!


Georgia High Schools to offer technology curriculum
High schools across the nation should be seeing an influx of technology curriculum to offer students with a little helping from the Georgia Department of Education and the tech giant Microsoft. They are teaming up to create the Microsoft IT Academy, an online training program that teaches students to basic uses of Excel and Powerpoint as well as the more technical processes such as programming. The academy is now available in over 600 schools in Georgia.

YouTube announcing new iOS app
With the iPhone 5 announcement came an announcement from YouTube about their new, stand-alone iOS app. Apple with no longer provide a native app for YouTube as they attempt to separate themselves from Google. Google now has complete control over the design, concept, and content of the app. This will offer a better mobile experience for users – more videos, more control, customized channel options, integration features, and more.

Amazon Kindles
Please click the link above for specific details regarding the latest in the line of Kindles from the great folks over at Amazon. Also, be sure to visit for all your purchases through Amazon. You get to help out the network and allow us to keep rolling along with more episodes and shows.

Apple announcements
The iPhone 5 is here. Well, it’s almost here and that excites a lot of users. Check out the discussion as Steve breaks down the specifications of the latest Apple line. Rick and Dave share their thoughts on the newest feature that catches their eyes, and listen in as the entire crew analyzes the iPhone market, those that use the iPhone, and the ecosystem in which the iPhone belongs. The phone is a tad longer, a bit thinner, and boasts more features than its predecessor. As we read on Twitter moments before our show, the iPhone is not about fast processors and lots of RAM. It’s about great design and a seamless user experience.


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