Corporate Wellness Programs And Technology

This week on The Waves of Tech 233, we cover of variety of topics that we are sure you will find interesting and relevant. One main topic is the growing using of wearable technology and how some companies are incorporating such technologies into their wellness programs. We touch on a little social media, discussing the poor decisions of Foursquare. We finish with a conversation about the growth of same-day online shopping and the soon-to-be kill switch in smartphones.

Wellness Programs & Tech, Web Portals, and Red Bull Custom Applications

Businesses are finding out that corporate sponsored wellness programs are paying dividends in the bottom line and in employee health.  With the wearable technology industry booming, companies are using this platform to connect with techie employees and executives.  Whether it is using a web portal to connect an employee with a health consultant or integrating fitness goals with incentives, there is big money to be saved in wellness programs and wearable technology.  Is your company doing anything state of the art?  Let us know.

Foursquare you have lost all of us.  Facebook messenger app.

The social media user is a sensitive user.  We don’t like change and we complain when things don’t work as they once did.  But, it takes a lot for users to abandon ship.  Unfortunately for Foursquare and Swarm, users are really voicing the negative opinions about the latest roll out of services.  Of course, we can’t talk social media without a mention of Facebook and the newest Messenger App.

Same-day online shopping expansion

The growth of online shopping is…well…impressive.  Many of the big box stores are noticing a sharp decline in in-store shoppers and a shift to online preferences.  In an effort to bring customers back in, many stores are offering online shopping with in-store pickup – a simple yet effective method of gaining foot traffic.  With the same-day delivery push from Amazon, these stores are trying their best to keep pace and retain customers.

Smartphone ‘kill-switch’ bill headed to California governor

We have talked about kill-switch legislation a few times on the podcast.  In California, Governor Brown is set to sign into law that all smartphones sold in California by July 2015 will have kill-switch security software installed.  The service is completely optional and users can opt-in and opt-out, based on personal preference.  This is definitely a needed law, with a sharp rise in cell phone theft and identity and financial fraud.

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