Covid-19 Impact On The Technology Community

On Episode 482 of the Waves of Tech, we are back after a brief hiatus to share what’s new and ongoing in technology. We kick off the show by sharing a recent experience of integrating application with the hospitality industry. Dragon 1 completed its final space mission this month and is set to retire after 9 years of delivery supplies and experiments to the International Space Station. Lastly, we cover the growing impact of Covid-19 on the domestic and international technology community as several companies do their part to limit exposure and spread.

SpaceX Dragon 1 Capsule Retires

After a run of 9 years, the famed Dragon 1 cargo capsule will be retired from the space fleet as it is set to be replaced by Dragon 2 in the near future. Dragon 1 has storied histories within NASA. It became the first commercial spacecraft to dock at the International Space Station and delivered over 94,000 pounds of f supplies, experiments, and equipment to astronauts.

  • SpaceX inked a deal with NASA for multiple Commercial Resupply Services to the ISS
  • It carried scientific experiments to help researchers learn about 3D printing in space
  • Experiments and tests on the production of heart cells in microgravity are scheduled
  • The next-generation capsule, Dragon 2, will carry supplies as well as persons to orbit

COVID-19 Impacts Technology Industry

To say that Covid-19, also known as Coronavirus, is having an effect on the technology industry is a gross understatement. Several major technology conferences have been cancelled with no immediate plans to reschedule. Facebook is blocking ads supporting “the curing” of the virus. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is independently funding the manufacturing of test kits for use around the world.

  • Tech companies are limited travel so as to not to potentially spread Covid-19
  • Manufacturing in Asia is halting the production and distribution of tech goods
  • Millions of multinational business transactions have been lost since the outbreak
  • Large tech firms are providing remote and telecommuting options for their workforce

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Dragon 1’s Missions End

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