Creating A Human Jaw With A Printer And Flipped Classrooms

Can you believe a human jaw was made from a 3D printer for a 83 year old women?  What is the concept of “Flipped Classrooms” all about.  Stay tuned to find out on Waves of Tech.  Also, make sure to head over to CES 2012 to find our ever expanding coverage.

With the need for a quick replacement, using a Solar-Powered 3-D Printer which Melts Sand Into Glass Objects, Doctors created a jaw bone for a 83 year old women.  This is what technology is truly about! By using this new technology it speeds up surgery, patient recovery, and drastically reduces the risk for medical complications.

As a teacher, you spend the bulk of your time each day in delivering content. Students go home to reflect on the new information and process it.Wouldn’t it be nicer to spend the class time working directly with the students on what they don’t understand. The “flipped classroom” concept delivers just that. Students watch your video lessons at night, reflect on what they don’t understand and come into the classroom for clarification. Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams  came across this revelation 4 years ago and have seen great results from it.


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