Crew-1 Mission And The Tech Job Market

On Episode 506 of the Waves of Tech, we dive into a good variety of topics that may not be hitting the tech headlines to give you a fresh look at technology. Crew-1, the first official NASA commercial crew rotation mission, is set to send four astronauts to the International Space Station October 31 for science experiments and maintenance. The tech job market continues to boom under the pandemic as major growth is seen in security, retail, manufacturing, and finance. A Canadian artist has created amazing and realistic renderings of 50 plus Roman emperors through the use of machine learning, Photoshop, and historical photos. In true Amazon fashion, the company released 15 new items overnight including new Echo devices, Eero wifi systems, security systems, and much more.

Commercial Crew Rotation Mission

After the successful flight of Demo-2 earlier this year, NASA and SpaceX are moving forward with the first official commercial crew mission to the International Space Station. The mission, known as Crew-1, will send 4 astronauts (3 Americans and 1 Japanese) up with the mission of conducting a variety of experiments. The spacecraft has been named Resilience.

  • The launch from historic 39A pad is set for OCtober 31 from Florida
  • Astronauts will test plant growth in microgravity, leukemia drugs, and a new toilet
  • Finally seeing a more routine and structured launch cycle under this program
  • The astronauts are scheduled to return home in the spring of 2021, six month event

The Hot Job Market Continues for Tech

We have talked at length in previous episodes that the coronavirus pandemic has created a massive uptick in security, support, and technical information technology positions across industries – finance, retail, and manufacturing. A new report shows net employment in IT is up 203,000 jobs since the onset of COVID-19 here in the United States.

  • As people shifted to working from home, security positions became more vital
  • Small and medium sized positions moving online to survive creating a demand
  • Cities like Austin, Atlanta, Raleigh, Las Vegas, and Nashville are hot spots for jobs
  • Blockchain and artificial intelligence are predicted to grow quickly in the near future

What Roman Emperors Really Looked Like

Technology can be absolutely stunning sometimes. An artist based in Canada is using Photoshop and machine learning to create incredible renderings of what famous Roman Emperors actually looked like. Daniel Voshart transformed more than 50 emperor busts into realistic images. The results are incredibly unique and worth checking out.

  • It is well known that some busts (statues) often do not depict realistic features
  • Voshart used Artbreeder, an open-source software, to create these images
  • He melded machine learning and historic photos during his creative process
  • Could be interesting to see where Voshart goes next in terms of history and period

Amazon Features 15 New Products

Popular Mechanics wrote a fantastic article breaking down each of the 15 new products that Amazon dropped seemingly overnight for their customers. Products included a new line of Echo devices, car security systems, a miniature drone security device, a rotating Echo video screen, and updates to their wifi system. So many new options to choose from.

  • Echo Dot now has Kids Edition, a new spherical look, built-in visible clock, and more
  • Eero and Eero Pro 6 has updated technology to meet new wifi protocols
  • Ring Always Home Cam will literally fly around your house as a surveillance camera
  • The e-commerce giant continues to create wanted and interesting products for users

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