CUE18 Conference Conversations

On Episode 394 of The Waves of Tech, we are featuring CUE18 conference conversations with a technology coordinator, an IT coach, an institute director, and fellow podcasters.  CUE (Computer Using Educators) recently celebrating 40 years of bringing technology resources and tools to educators, administrators, students, and attendees. In the four conversations from the halls of the event, we explore a wide range of topics – professional development, infrastructure decision making, teaching digital citizenship, serving as a resource, empowering educators, execution of technology in the classroom, providing equitable access to digital skills, and conference rejuvenation.

Matt Markstone – High School Technology Coordinator (1:20)

Matt serves as a technology coordinator in a high school in Santa Maria, California.  Matt joined us on the podcast back in November, and it was great to catch up and chat with him at CUE.  Here are a few items that we explore in our conversation:

  • professional development for teachers
  • integrating technology into the classroom for students and teachers
  • infrastructure decisions, funding, spending, device make-up
  • insurance claims for students
  • students and teachers learning technology hand-in-hand
  • teaching digital citizenship and being mindful of how we use technolog

Alex Mitts – Instructional Technology Coach (18:20)

Alex serves as an technology coach in a rural school district in Kern County.  We have known each other for nearly twenty years but have never spoken in depth about education, technology, or his career path.  Here are some highlights from our conversation:

  • CUE changed the trajectory of his career in education
  • explore the roller coaster ride of being an educator
  • Discuss how CUE re-inspires and re-energizes an educator
  • Being an available resource to support teachers with a vision of technology
  • serving as an asset for the district, classroom, teachers, and students
  • “There’s a CUE for everybody.”

Shannon Tabaldo – Director of iDEAL Institute (35:20)

Shannon serves as Director of Loyola Marymount University’s Innovation in Digital Education and Leadership (iDEAL) Institute.  She is doing some amazing work in education at the moment, focusing on enhancing education in public, private, and charter schools.  Here’s a sneak peek into our conversation:

  • focus on technology planning to execution in various schools and districts
  • majority of the work with under-served Catholic schools
  • less resources and funding for upgrades to internet and infrastructure
  • how training and professional development enters into that equation
  • having teachers become comfortable with the technology used in the classroom
  • exploring funding through grants parish funds, and donations
  • providing equity and access to digital skills and technology and high academic standards

Brenda Argano – Podcast with My Tech Toolbelt (45:25)

As a new podcaster and newer attendee to CUE, Brenda is focused on highlighting what educators and teachers are doing in the classroom and sharing their stories via her podcast.  Her and her co-host (Shannon) are exploring what is working, what is not working, what teachers have learned, and how teachers are adapting to the new technology environment.


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