Curt Schilling Defends His Daughter From Trolls

On Episode 256 of The Waves of Tech, Apple made the big headlines this week with their announcement of the Apple Watch and release of iOS 8.2.  The Apple Watch is trying to make a huge splash in wearables, while tailoring to the business professional and the athletic types.  Also, Netflix’s stock prices were affected by the news of Apple’s agreement with HBO Now.  Their stock dropped 3% overnight.  Finally, Curt Schilling made Twitter news with his defense taking to the defense of his daughter.  Thanks for tuning in and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Podcast Awards

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Apple announcements

Apple held their announcement on Monday afternoon and Apple Watch was the talk of the town.  Apple Watch, the long awaited high-end wearable, was on display.  After some online debate, the prices will range from $349 to $17,000!  The Apple Watch seems very tailored to fit the needs of the business professional, with notifications and contact syncing, and for the health/fitness guru, looking to track all the health stats throughout the day.  Also, iOS 8.2 was released, mostly to make syncing with the Apple Watch possible and also to fix several bugs.

Netflix shares fall

HBO Now and Apple announced an agreement during the Apple event to have the streaming service incorporated in Apple TV.  HBO Now, which touts a $15 a month subscription tag, is trying to enter the new media industry and have direct competition with other powerhouses such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.  The news of the HBO Now-Apple friendship hit the Netflix’s stocks, dropping the stock by over 3% in a single day.

Curt Schilling fights back

Curt Schilling, World Series MVP and megastar, took a stance against online bullying and vulgar comments regarding his daughter this weekend.  Schilling sent a congratulatory tweet for this daughter’s success in college recruiting.  Some internet trolls took to the feed and began slinging derogatory, vulgar, and sexual comments toward his daughter.  Schilling took a stand, hunted down the trolls, and stood up against the men who whirled insults at his daughter.


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