Customer Service Woes And Calls to Regulate Facial Recognition

On Episode 408 of The Waves of Tech, we have a great mix of technology topics to share.  First up, we are diving into the growing issue of customer service in the technology industry as automation and in-store cuts become a common function of business – who is doing it right and who is getting is terribly wrong.  An ex-Apple employee has been arrested for the theft of autonomous vehicle schematics and technical documents as he was getting ready to board a plan to his new job overseas with a self-driving car startup venture. Facial recognition technology is growing in popularity for many corporations, but very little is out there in the form of government regulation.  Some Silicon Valley companies are saying the tech industry needs guidance on the ethical uses of software recognition now and in the future.

Poor Customer Service & Inventory Control

Customer service has been a major point of discussion on this podcast and rightfully so.  As prices for goods and services continue to rise, the quality of service provided to users and consumers of technology continues to fall drastically.  Case in hand, listen to our recent experience with Best Buy (terrible service), Apple (great), and DirecTV (excellent).

  • Companies have replaced human interaction with automated tools and functions
  • The lack of effort demonstrated by in-store employees is appalling at this point
  • The push to “buy it online to guarantee in store pickup” is the default answer
  • Companies are rated and reviewed very low online for good reason

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Former Apple Employee Charged With Stealing Trade Secrets

Since 2012, Apple and CEO Tim Cook have taken theft of company trade secrets and leaking of information very seriously.  Federal authorities arrested a former Apple employee for the theft of engineering schematics and technical reports related to autonomous vehicle research.  The individual recently accepted a position overseas with a Chinese self-driving car startup.

  • The man was arrested in the San Jose, California airport before boarding his flights
  • This adds to the string of firings, arrests, and fines that Apple has followed through on
  • Apple is trying to protect their intellectual property, profit margins, and research
  • It goes without saying that Apple can and will find any employee that steals from them

Microsoft Calls for Facial Recognition Regulation

A hot topic across in the Silicon Valley halls is the conversation around regulation of facial recognition technology.  Often, we are impressed by these technologies and forget that the tech industry is left alone to do with this data and information with little oversight from any government agency.  Many questions loom overhead about facial recognition technology.

  • How and who is storing our facial and biometric data and is it being deleted
  • What happens in the known and verified cases of misidentification with technology
  • What sort of control can the user have over the use, storage, and sharing our data
  • Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and more all currently use a form of this AI technology

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