Cyber-gangs Target Online Shoppers And Big Data Retention

Welcome to the flagship show of – Waves of Tech, Episode 161.  We hope everyone enjoyed the holidays as much as we enjoy being back behind the mics.  Cyber Monday has come and gone but the threats to online shoppers is still very evident.  Steve outlines some helpful tips to protect yourself and your wallets during the holiday shopping season.  In his discussion, Dave analyzes the use, storage, and collection of big data – why we keep it, why it is useful, why it’s maybe not needed, and what it means organizationally.  Feel free to comment on the show by providing thoughts and insights to!  We love hearing from our listeners.

What are you doing with big data?

Data, data, data. It’s everywhere!! Some much information, data, and content is out for us to consume and we love each byte of it. Much like us, you probably store and keep more information than you actually need on your phone, on your hard drives, in the cloud, and on CDs. What has the storage and collection of data done to our ability to process, find, analyze, and use that data effectively? We dive into the positive and negative elements of data storage as it relates to our daily work and personal lives. As a society, we find reasons to hold onto data but are we holding onto it for good, valid reasons? Ask yourself that question and let us know the answer at!

Cyber-gangs target online shoppers
Black Friday has its fair share of crazy moments, disheartening videos of human behavior, and blockbuster deals that keep people up throughout the hours of the early morning. Cyber Monday is just as exciting for online shoppers. The trouble with online shopping is the cyber-gangs are out in full force looking to scam and swindle the funds of people, mostly unknowingly. These gangs are looking to rip you off regardless of whether you are shopping on your home PC or Mac, your workplace computer, or your mobile devices. Check out the discussion we have about how to keep your identity, your finances, and your peace of mind in your back pocket this holiday season…rather than finding your finances in the back pocket of a cyber gangster.


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