The Cyber Truck And Finland Against Ransomware

On Episode 469 of the Waves of Tech, we are looking at the recent focus on the electrification of trucks in the automotive industry. Tesla announced the addition of the Cyber Truck to their model line, much to the pleasure of some and to the displeasure of others. The automotive manufacturers in the United States continue to invest billions in building and developing hundreds of electric vehicles to consumers. We share what the major automakers are creating and when to expect new vehicles. Lastly, after suffering nearly 250 ransomware attacks, Finland orchestrated a nationwide training scenario to combat future attempts.

The Cyber Truck Takes Center Stage

Over the weekend, Tesla made headlines with the introduction of their newest vehicle – the Cyber Truck. And the vehicle lives up to the name. With a modern, sleek, gun metal finish, the truck looks like a vehicle from the future and resembles a vehicle made for Hollywood sci-fi films. With over 150,000 trucks ordered in the first week, Tesla is setting a new standard.

  • Three models range from of 7,000 – 14,000 pounds towing capacity and fuel range
  • The truck boasts an adjustable suspension system and 100 cubic foot storage capacity
  • Consumers picking up the truck will love it’s adaptability and uniqueness
  • Production is set to begin on Cyber Truck in late 2021, hitting the roads in 2022

Major Electrification Investment from U.S. Manufacturers

The year 2021 is around the corner, and 2021 is the year many United States automotive manufacturers promised a wide range of electrical vehicles to be added to their offerings. With billions and billions of dollars in investment, research, development, technology, and design, consumers are about to be hit with hundreds of new vehicles to choose from.

  • Rivian is manufacturing their fleet of electric trucks for Amazon after their investment
  • General Motors’ first electric pickup truck model goes on sale in the fall of 2021
  • Ford Motor Company has designed an electric pickup trucks based on the F-series
  • Ford plans to invest $11.5B for 16 fully electric model vehicles by 2022

Finland Fights Back Against Ransomware

After receiving nearly 300 cyberattacks and ransomware attacks, Finland is preparing several hundreds of government organizations and municipalities with the tools to combat and recognize digital threats. Drills and scenarios are simulated on websites and data systems over a monthly process to prepare and educate organizations and employees.

  • Ransomware recently took down a state-owned oil company in Mexico for $4.9 million
  • Orchestrated cyberattacks continue to grow in popularity, size, and loss
  • After seeing a spiked increase, Finland went on the offensive to minimize damages
  • Activist group #Tietovuoto321 sent Bitcoin ransoms through Finland on October 10

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