Dark side of tech salaries and critical websites down during government shutdown

On Episode 429 of the Waves of Tech, we are diving into a variety of tech topics and news that matter.  First up, we consider the dark side of high paying tech jobs in the booming and competitive real estate market of San Francisco.  IMDb has announced the launching of Freedive, an ad-supported movie service feature older offerings that is lacking in the market.  Microsoft’s support of Windows 7 is phasing out in one year, but there is work to be done with 600 million units running the legacy operating system.  And finally, several FCC and FTC sites are non-operational due to the domestic government shutdown. The lack of services are leaving consumers vulnerable and unable to report identity theft and robocalling scams.  Thanks for tuning in and don’t forget to keep on techin’.

High Paying Tech Salaries Wasted on Rental Expenses

We routinely hear reports of Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and startups paying their employees high wages.  Many engineers and developers are easily taking home between $90,000 and $120,000 annually. But when you earn that salary in one of the nation’s most competitive and expensive real estate markets, most income is spent on room and board.

  • On average, a single 1-bedroom apartment in San Francisco costs $3,360
  • Many high paid employees are forced to room with several others from work
  • Stories surface of workers renting out only beds for roughly $1,800 per month
  • High real estate, high wages are leading to higher cost of technological services

Popular IMDb Launched Freedive

Yes another ad supported movie streaming service is coming, but this one is a bit different because of its origin story.  Freedive is the latest venture from the popular movie and television search app IMDb. IMDb began as a very small online database for all things entertainment information and has grown into a mega-success for nosey and curious fans of movies and TV.

  • Many older, classic movies can be viewed by registered IMDb and Amazon Prime users
  • With Netflix and Hulu moving away from old films, Freedive picks up the slack
  • Freedive is ad-supported, introducing brief advertisements throughout a broadcast
  • Watch for free by visiting https://www.imdb.com/freedive/

Support for Windows 7 Expires Soon

As of January 14, 2020, Windows 7 support from Microsoft will be entirely phased out and it did not come without plenty of prompting and warning from many.  An estimated 600 millions units are running the legacy operating system and require upgrading. Many users ignored the offering of a free Windows 10 upgrade because many refused to embrace the change.

  • Encourage all users with Windows 7 to upgrade their OS or system completely
  • In the age of cyber security, many potential flaws and vulnerabilities will surface
  • Some businesses are in a bind after deciding not to invest in infrastructure
  • 2019 is shaping up to be an interesting year for Microsoft and its legacy user base

Critical Websites Offline During Shutdown

When the government shuts down, the impacts are far reaching.  In terms of technology, many sites governed and managed by the Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communications Commission that assist consumers are unavailable.  These consumer protection websites are vital in terms of identity theft reporting, telemarketing scams, and filing complaints.

  • FTC sites says, “Will resume normal operations when the government in funded”
  • The “National Do Not Call Registry” is unavailable to residents or telemarketing firms
  • identitytheft.gov is closed, where victims of identity theft report fraudulent activity
  • The FTC has also closed ftc.gov/complaint, a critical element in consumer power

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