Data Caps And Putting On The iPad Brakes

After taking a few weeks off due to some unexpected circumstances, we are back this week on The Waves of Tech 228.  Among other topics, the World Cup and Twitter make headlines and show the truly international scale of social media.  Data caps are again being questioned and draws concerns for many users.  We finish the show by discussing the fallout of the Aereo ruling and explaining the debacle that the LA School District has stepped into.  Enjoy the show and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Due to unforeseen circumstances that the studio experienced the past two weeks, no video was produced this week.  We expect the studio to be fully functional within a few weeks.

The podcasting community is amazing and very thoughtful in sending positivity our way as we continue to reorganize from the fire in the studio.  A major shoutout to Michael McAndrew in Ireland.  Check out his content over at Talks About Tech.

World Cup breaks Super Bowl record on Twitter

The World Cup is the one international sporting event that brings millions, if not billions, of people together.  One thing the many of us share, in addition to the love of soccer, is social media.  The World Cup fans set a new Twitter record for most tweets in a minute, beating the record previously record during the most recent Super Bowl.  So, keep tweeting and perhaps another record will be set.

Another reason data caps are bad

When a man realized he had gone over on his data package, he sought the answer.  The answer come in the form of an Amazon Fire TV bug that supported an Internet-based screen saver, rather than a localized safe mode.  This opens the debate for the future of data caps and the impact that may have on the user, the corporations, and the industry.  Let us know your thoughts on whether you believe we are on a collision course for debate and change in the industry.

Aereo dies on the legal vine; Fox takes advantage of the ruling

In a 6-3 ruling, the Supreme Court found that Aereo was operating illegally on the grounds of current regulations and FCC rules.  The debate raged for a six-month period and ended with Aereo suspended their service.  As the previous topic, this opens up the debate for the future of Internet-based TV service, the power broadcasters now hold, and what this means for the technology behind Aereo.

LA School District puts on the iPad brakes

We previously reported that the LA Unified School District had purchased over 30,000 iPads for students and teachers to use in the classroom.  In a disheartening turn, the LAUSD has now decided to scrap the perfectly suitable tablet and refocus attention on other tablets/machines.  We have nothing positive to say about the school district and you will hear why we take that stance.  Your thoughts?  Let us know.

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