Dating Technology And Oroville Dam Disaster

On Episode 342 of The Waves of Tech, we dive into an interesting topic that has not been covered before on this podcast – the connection of dating relationships and technology.  We begin with a strange survey result that shows that your choice of mobile phone may attract or deter potential suitors.  Next, a new dating app called Hater is connecting with people that dislike and hate the same things you do.  In a bizarre court filing, a now ex-husband is suing Uber because the app eventually led to the wife finding out about his cheating affairs.  In other discussion, we share the amazing stories of kindness and generosity resulting from the the Oroville Dam disaster in Northern California.  Concluding the show, we share the not so shocking news that Time Warner Cable had been allegedly lying to its customers since 2012 by throttling and controlling their high speed internet.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech!

A recent survey of 5,500 adults on found that singles with iPhones don’t want to date Android Users and vice versa.  It’s weird, we know…but here are some details.

  • Android users are 15x more likely to judge someone negatively for having an iPhone
  • iPhone users are 21x more likely to judge someone negatively for using an Android
  • Other aspects of smartphone behavior affect “dateability”, such as grammar, clothing, smile, teeth, and social media posts
  • Who knew your choice of mobile phone may attract or deter potential suitors

There is a new dating app called ‘Hater’, which connects you with people that dislike or hate the same things you do.  Sounds a bit strange but it’s proving to be popular.

  • Hater is the #1 Lifestyle app in Germany at the moment, growing in USA and UK
  • The app uses an algorithm to determine compatibility with other users
  • A variety of topics including food, politics, sports, and a few not-safe-for-work topics
  • Hater is only available on iOS for now and only available in English at the moment

So, a husband is caught cheating by his wife because of an Uber account and the husband is now suing Uber for $47 million because of a privacy glitch in the popular ride sharing app.

  • The wife received updates as to her husband’s riding habits because he never logged out of her account, which lead to the cheating revelation
  • The husband’s lawyer claims, “My client was the victim of a bug in an application.“
  • The session did not disconnected and the bug has caused privacy issues
  • The man is seeking $47 million in personal damages from Uber

In Northern California, the Oroville Dam is overflowing and the emergency channel is rapidly eroding.  Over 180,000 people have been evacuated and many are set to lose everything.

  • In the midst of social media negativity, strangers are posted to host stricken families
  • Residents from 75-100 miles away are providing shelter and comfort in hard times
  • The power of human compassion, resource, and compassion is shining through
  • This is a great story or when humans and technology work in amazing ways

When Charter bought Time Warner Cable for $55 billion last year, they had no idea that Time Warner Cable was breaking promises and throttling high-speed internet.  Spectrum, the re-branded company, must now deal with the legal and financial complications.

  • The New York Attorney General is suing Spectrum for allegedly lying to customers
  • Since at least 2012, the company has been lying about their internet speed services
  • Time Warner Cable made promises of improved speeds and infrastructure which were not delivered to consumers
  • Time Warner Cable throttled speeds and block content over their telecommunication lines
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