DDoS Attack And Why AT&T Really Wants Time Warner

ddosOn Episode 328 of The Waves of Tech, we breakdown the recent distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack that hit users and the Internet last week.  The attack blocked access to several major media and social media sites for a sustained period.  We discuss what caused it and how our home internet-connected products assisted in the attack.  Big news out of the telecommunications and media industry is the bid from AT&T to purchase Time Warner.  The purchase includes HBO, HBO Now, CNN, TNT, TBS, Warner Bros, Cartoon Network, and 10% of Hulu.  This is a power and growth move on AT&T’s part and there are good reasons why they want these services.  iPhone 7 availability is quite limited at this time, but how long would you have to wait to get yours?  Thanks for tuning in and enjoy the podcast.  And we hope you continue to ride…the waves of tech!

The Internet Outage & How Home Devices Helped Cyberattack

Last Friday, we experienced a massive interruption of Internet service.  Service like Twitter, Etsy, Netflix, and more were affected by a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack.  The attack targeted Dyn Inc, a web traffic management firm services these major companies.  In essence, the attack send upwards of 900 gigabytes of data per second to websites, making it impossible to manage the incoming traffic.  The attackers also used our personal home internet-connected devices, such as unsecured routers, DVR systems, security camera systems, WiFi-enable security systems (like ADT), and WiFi-enabled home thermostat features, to carry out the broad attack.  Questions of personal security, protection, and our vulnerabilities are brought up in our conversation.

AT&T to buy Time Warner for more than $85 billion & Why AT&T wants Time Warner

The media and telecommunications industry were rattled this week with the news that AT&T placed a bid of $85 billion to purchase select items from Time Warner – HBO, HBO Now, CNN, TNT, TBS, Warner Bros, Cartoon Network, and 10% of Hulu.  Why does AT&T want to buy Time Warner?  The question has many answers, but here are a few.  AT&T wants to control programming and content production.  With a stake in sports, entertainment, children’s programming, and premium paid content (HBO), they can leverage their brand and marketing into these programs.  Second, it’s just as important to AT&T to keep Time Warner out of the hands of Comcast and Verizon.  It’s a power move and a move that will allow growth in the future.  Couple this purchase with their prevous acquisition of DirecTV…and AT&T may well be the most powerful, controlling, and diverse telecommunications and media company around.

iPhone Availability

Unfortunately, accidents happen all the time.  Sadly, when an accident involves our phones we are often most frustrating and out some cold hard cash.  Steve was working on some home improvements and inadvertently had his iPhone 6 in his back pocket.  Fast forward 30 minutes and Steve realized he had cracked his screen somewhere along the way.  In an attempt to order the iPhone 7, the soonest date to receive it would be mid to late December and for a tech guy, that’s just not going to cut it!.  The kicker was that he was holding off until the next model of iPhones came around to buy a new one.  Steve ended up ordering a iPhone 6S Plus as a replacement.  In most cases with most phones, many outlets have phones ready and available but this is never the case when a new Apple product in released.

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