Dell Purchases EMC And Uber Getaway Gone Bad

Dell EMC MergerOn Episode 281 of The Waves of Tech, we dissect Dell’s purchase of EMC, an Uber getaway gone bad, an Office 2016 update, and automated phone customer service.  Dell, a traditional consumer PC business, threw in $67 billion to buy EMC, a corporate software, security, and storage enterprise company.  We tell the story of how a low-level criminal tried to use Uber as getaway car and was caught red handed.  And finally, we dive into the customer service approach of using automated system to direct traffic and how poorly that reflects a company.  Enjoy Episode 281 and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Dell buys EMC for $67 billion

If you haven’t heard the news, Dell purchased EMC for a valuation of $67 billion, the largest tech deal in history.  The news is a little head scratching to many investors and talking tech heads.  So here’s the breakdown.  Dell, who is obviously behind the curve in security, storage, and cloud services, has purchased a giant in those industries.  This may provide Dell, a historically struggling consumer PC firm, an outlet for providing a collection of consumer and enterprise services to households and corporate entities.  As many tech firms are becoming more lean and laying off employees, Dell (of all companies) is rapidly expanding.

Office 2016 Revisited

This just in – Steve is still frustrated that Office 2016 for Mac is not working!  Hey Microsoft and Apple, what’s taking so long!!??  Let’s get it going and moving toward a fix.

Armed robbery suspect tries to use Uber as getaway car

In a very unusual story from Baltimore, Uber has reported that a low-level criminal entered a convenient store, pulled a gun, checked into Uber, left with an undisclosed amount of cash, and headed out the door.  When cops arrived, those witnessed the criminal enter a silver Lexus, owned by the Uber driver.  After being pulled over, the criminal was arrested and the Uber driver went on his way.  First time for everything!

Automated Phone Customer Service

There are glaring signs when companies undervalue customer service.  Case in point, when companies over utilize automated phone customer service technologies.  When customers call and find themselves in an endless loop of questions, answers, options, and mundane tones, it’s time to reconsider where your values and priorities lie.  Dave and Steve have both had unfortunate experiences of wasted time and energy dealing with automated systems.  So, what can we do to relieve the tension and stress of the experience?

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