Dell Vulnerabilities Since 2009

On Episode 531 of the Waves of Tech, we are diving head first into the technology stories that matter. Dell recently learned that firmware updates being pushed since 2009 had five significant security flaws that in fact were never acted upon. NBC is supplementing prime time Olympic games coverage with a dedicated Twitch channel featuring athlete interviews, highlight recap shows, and live interactive polling. Ford is set to create a ripple in the electric truck market with the announcement of their new F-150 Lightning model. The Colonial Pipeline ransomware hack is once again spotlighting the aging security and physical infrastructure in the United States. In October, Microsoft will be updating many of the original 1995 icons within Windows 10.

Dell Vulnerabilities Since 2009

It was recently reported by Sentinel Labs that Dell has been issuing a firmware driver update since 2009 with five major high severity flaws. Since the announcement, it is estimated that nearly 380 Dell models are potentially affected and require patching. Dell and Sentinel Labs have no evidence that the vulnerability was ever exploited on any of the models.

Summer Olympic Games on Twitch

With the rescheduled Olympic competition right around the corner, NBC is bringing some additional coverage over to their new Twitch channel. NBC will be providing supplemental coverage featuring athlete interviews, highlight shows, gaming competitions, interactive polling, and Q&A sessions. No live sports are anticipated to be broadcasted through Twitch.

Ford Sparks Electric Truck Talks

The Ford F-150 is the world’s most popular truck model ever, and they are now going to be featuring the half-ton unit as their newest electric vehicle. Jim Farley, the Michigan based CEO, stated the Lighting model would be a game changer and disrupt the status quo for trucks. Pricing, performance, and production news is set to come out over the next few weeks.

US Fuel Pipeline Hack

A major ransomware attack hit a major fuel and pipeline corporation causing significant disruption in supply delivery and system capabilities. Colonial Pipeline is still working diligently to get all systems back up. This attack signals another warning sign to US companies and the government that cybersecurity and physical infrastructure needs some addressing.

Original Microsoft 95 Icons Still Around

There is a lot that goes into an operation system – function, efficiency, design, simplicity, and visuals. Without much knowing, some of Microsoft’s vintage 95 icons (blank document, folder, floppy drive, etc.) have remained unchanged in Windows 10. Well, in October that finally changes as the Redmond-based software giant will finally be pushing new icon designs.

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