DISH Auto Hop And The Live-In AOL Entrepreneur

Internet and Broadband usage, DISH introduces the Auto Hop, and meeting the live-In AOL Entrepreneur.  This weeks hosts are Dave, Steve and Rick.

Broadband.  Are some being left in the dust?

Broadband is a luxury that many have become accustomed to in the United States and International markets. At current estimates, about 77% of the US population is connected to the Internet with many of those absorbing much of the broadband usage out there. Broadband usage is available to many homes, mobile users, and professional settings alike. Many schools, rural communities, and other outlying populations either don’t have access to broadband Internet or are still using the antiquated dial-up modem system. What role should we be playing in this issue? What role should big Internet providers be playing in this issue? And finally, what role should government be playing in the issue? A major variable in this equation of connecting America through broadband is infrastructure…infrastructure that does not exist currently and is very costly to invest in.

 DISH Introduces Commercial-Free TV With “Auto Hop”; Hopper DVR system

DISH Network has introduced a new technology tool that has clearly upset the powerhouses of the TV market. Dish has introduced a new DVR-like system called The Hopper. Included in The Hopper is a new feature – Auto Hop. When activated, this allows users to watch their recorded shows without commercial interference. In essence, Auto Hop hops over all commercials in the record providing the viewer with a continuous stream of content. Obviously, the likes of Fox, CBS, and NBC has filed suit against Dish…so begins the battle over new media content delivery verses traditional media. Join the conversation as the crew throws out plenty of interesting points to consider.

The Squatter at AOL

Imagine living off a mere $30 a month. Could you? Well, one 19-year old AOL employee did just that by “squatting” or becoming a live-in at AOL for a few months. This young man decided that he could best use his time at AOL by sleeping on their coaches, using their gym services, and using their cafeteria for livelihood. He did all this in an effort to begin his entrepreneurial startup, ClassConnect. What a fascinating and interesting story this has become. AOL – You should be thanking this young man, and probably giving him a raise, for bringing so much attention to your company. This is the first time AOL has been in the tech conversation since….well….a very long time.


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