Dish Network and 8000 Dollar TV

The world of tech is amazing. We can go from WP7 update debacles to concussion technology to business acquisitions to 75-year old TVs…all in one show! The whole crew is together for another great Waves of Tech podcast and we pack the podcast with tons of useful and worthy material. Mikee recaps his WP7 update experience and Dave lends an ear full on concussion technology and the purchase of Blockbuster by Dish Network. Steve breaks down the SP1 Office for Mac 2011 and discusses the re-branding of Waves of Tech Media Network to . It’s time to ride…the Waves of Tech.

Show Notes

1. Mikee: WP7 phone recap

Oh man, oh man. Here it goes with WP7 again. Mikee recaps the latest news as it relates to the WP7 update debacles. Microsoft has a pretty tough route as it compares to Apple, with its 7-8 phones and its 3-4 networks. Find more through Mikee’s “The Microsoft Experience” podcast.

2. A 75-Year Old TV for $8,000
We hand you $8000….do you spend it on a 12’ inch TV? Probably not. But what if that TV dates back 75 years and is in mint condition? Mr. GB Davis is the current owner of this antique, workable television and plans on auctioning the item off in London in a few weeks.

3.Concussion Technology
Concussion & concussion awareness continue to be hot ticket items in the world of professional, collegiate, and high school sports. With all the media and web attention it has garnished, it is worth illustrating some concussion technology out there that can keep injury down and provide a healthier and longer lifestyle.

4.Dish Network to purchase Blockbuster
Dish Network – the proud, new owner of Blockbuster, Inc. Blockbuster has been in a free-fall the past few years, racking up $179 million of debt and closing plenty of stores. Dish Network believes it can capitalize off the current licenses and streaming rights of Blockbuster. Is it good for you and the market?

5. Service Pack 1 Office for Mac 2011
Steve and Mikee dive into the exciiting world of SP1 Office for Mac 2011 & Dave just kicks back. The usual stability and security patches are evident. Calendars, contacts, notes, and tasks will all be available for syncing to any Apple device, including iPads, iPhones, and iPods.


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