Disney Wireless Wristbands and Random Tweet Analysis

We are glad to see you joined us for Episode 182 of the Waves of Tech.  This week we have a different showed lined out for you.  We scroll through our Twitter streams and randomly select tweets to analyze and discuss.  What a different experience that was!  We also touch base with how the tech world in changing the way amusement parks improve the experiences of their guests.  Disney has a cool new product, set to debut within the next few months.

Random Tweet Analysis

We have never done this before so we hope you like it.  We randomly select tweets from our Twitter stream, read them, give some quick thoughts, and then move on.  It’s a very interesting experience to do because it really highlights the diversity of content we allow ourselves to consume and filter throughout the day.  Some tweets hold more significance than others.  Some tweets make no sense given that we sometimes see only half the conversation.  Whatever the case may be, it was a fun experiment to go through and we hope you enjoyed it.

Disney World’s new wireless wristbands

In a never ending demand and endeavor to improve the consumers’ experience in their parks, Disney is now introducing MagicBands and their MyMagic+ program.  The programs allow park visitors the opportunity to keep their tickets, hotel room key, credit card information for purchases, and FastPass tickets on a radio frequency enabled bracelet.  This all-purpose band, in theory, will cut down the wait times in food courts, entrance gates, and rides.  Of course, personal data collection and storage becomes a big concern for park goers.


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