Challenges And Successes With Distance Learning And Teaching

On Episode 505 of the Waves of Tech, we welcome Anaya Lee, Dave’s wife and Steve’s daughter-in-law, to chat about a few things. Anaya shares her in-depth story of how storage capacity on her iPhone became so problematic that even AppleCare could not diagnose the problem accurately. As a lecturer and supervising teacher at a local university in the teacher education department, Anaya has first hand experience with assisting new teachers in the classroom with distance learning and the overwhelming complications of virtual teaching. She shared her thoughts about where we are in distance learning, how teachers are succeeding, and how everyone is adapting to the difficult scenario we find ourselves in.

iOS and Apple Storage Issues

Storage is a big deal to users now, especially when it comes to holding onto their precious photos and contacts. Anaya shares her in-depth story of the frustrations associated with the dreaded “Other, Data & Documents” that is stored on your phone. From a 1-hour AppleCare phone call to multiple malfunctioning apps, the level of patience was wearing thin.

  • Why can no one at Apple explain clearly what Other is or have a method to wipe data
  • It creates confusion, makes user unsure about their phones, causes irritation
  • Most of us aren’t tech savvy, but most of us are very tech capable in phone operation
  • But what is the answer for storage – iCloud, backup, larger gig capacity, user control

Assisting New Teachers With Distance Learning

Before entering the teacher education department of a local university working with new teachers in the classroom, Anaya was a K-6 educator for 12 years. As the pandemic hit school districts hard, the educational industry and Anaya had to adapt and modify to support from a position they have never been before.

  • Using Zoom to provide observations, trainings, meetings, feedback, and class
  • She learned to utilize the in-classroom teachers for their expertise and input
  • Couple the teachers experiences with her knowledge, problem solving became a key
  • Providing reassurance, a listening ear, patience, exceptions, modifications

Complications of Virtual vs In-Person Teaching

The shift from in-person teaching and education to virtual has been nothing short of difficult, frustrating, and hard for educators. Questions linger in the minds of educators. How will I make personal connections through a wall of black Zoom windows boxes? What does classroom management look like now? How can I provide an equitable educational experience for them?

  • Couple these questions with the legal issues around recording students and teaching
  • It is obvious that not all students have reliable and foundational technology
  • Staff are working outside of their normal job duties to make virtual learning possible
  • Not all classes adapt to a virtual setting well, complicating the ability to educate
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