Distracted Drivers and Social Media Addiction

Don’t track me, Distracted drivers, Social Media addiction and the real use of Tablets.

Show Notes

Steve & Dave cover a lot of content in this week’s Waves of Tech episode! First, California has set the legislative stage for a statewide “do-not-track” system, a system that prevents the siphoning of personal data. Next, the question is posed as to how effective blog communication can be. A lengthy and positive discussion follows. Then, California is promoting April as Distracted Driver Awareness month in an effort to reduce injuries and fatalities associated with texting and cell phone usage behind the wheel. We conclude the show by talking about the rebirth of Commodore, youth’s addiction to social media, and the true use of the ever so popular tablet market. Join us…as we ride, the waves of tech.

1. California do-not-track-bill could lead the nation in online privacy laws

Are you sick and tired of websites and web browsers siphoning your personal data? Many are and this has led to potential privacy reform in various levels of government. A California Senator has introduced legislation that would create a statewide “do-not-track” system for Internet users. We weigh in with our thoughts and concerns.

2. Does the NIOSH Science Blog Improve Communication?

We talk about communication in various forms on the Waves of Tech. Not often do we discuss the power and helpfulness of blogging. We examine the NIOSH Science Blog and demonstrate the utility of such a blog. A blog that creates a community, 2-way communication, and shares knowledge is nothing shy of a perfect blog.

3. April – Distracted Driver Awareness Month in California
We all know that texting and talking while driving is extremely dangerous to ourselves, our families, and fellow man…and we continue to do it. Texting reduces our reaction time, increases potential for injury, and creates impaired attention. Join us as we celebrate Distracted Driver Awareness in California.

4.Commodore computers reborn
The rebirth of the Commodore! Steve takes us down memory lane in this segment as we discuss the evolution of technology and what Commodore has to offer today. A new OS, a wide variety of new products, and a renewed technological spirit.

5.Social Media Addiction
Can you keep your disconnected from social media for at least 24 hours? Well, “The World Unplugged” performed a study showing that a study group of 1,000 students demonstrated anxiety, discomfort, and cravings when being detached from social media for extended periods of time. What do you think?

6. What are Tablets really being used for?
The popularity of tablets in late 2010 and early 2011 has been purely incredible. Many use tablets for work purposes while others use it as a conversation piece in social settings. With access to thousands of apps, news sources, and games, what are most people using tablets for? Tune in and find out.


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