Does Google Now Own The Alphabet?

On Episode 277 of The Waves of Tech, Verizon ditches annual contracts, Google restructures, Tesla gets hit by a hacker, and Facebook crunches some data.  Verizon is now providing options to customers to choose a month-by-month plan rather than the traditional annual or bi-annual contract.  Google now has a parent, well a parent company.  Alphabet, Inc. is the new big name in own and the company has restructured and we give details.  Tesla has since fixed a bug in their software that allowed hackers to hijack the Model S.  And finally, International Podcast Day is coming September 30th!  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

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Linkedin Lady, 1:00 PM PST

Carol McManus, The LinkedIn Lady, kicks off her network debut at 1PM PST.  Head over to to tune in LIVE as Carol takes the mic.  Remember, her show is live every Tuesday at 1PM PST so put it on your calendar.

Verizon ditches annual contracts

Many of us don’t care for the one to two year contracts we are forced to sign when purchasing a new phone and paying for cell service.  The contract comes with its ups and downs, without question.  Verizon has introduced four month-to-month options customers may choose from, ranging from 1GB to 12GB of usage per month.  As usual, we dissect the pros and cons associated with the big telecommunications news.

Google restructures

Say what?  Google now has a parent company and that just sounds strange.  Alphabet, Inc was introduced yesterday by Larry Page and the Alphabet executives. The move is being portrayed as creating and demonstrating a slimmer, more efficient tech company.  Alphabet continues to invest in biotech, health services, and other non-traditional search engine and advertising functions.  What do you think of the name and the restructuring?

Tesla fixes bug after hackers hijack Model S

It is crazy and scary to think that many cars on the road today are primarily controlled by hard drive and several tiny computers and microchips.  Well, Tesla learned the hard way after a hacker hijack a Model S after hacking the software controlling the vehicle.  Tesla has since corrected the problem and now offers software updates over WiFi.  As the automobile industry continues to thrive, cybersecurity firms and startups are now being hired as part of the cost of doing business.

Facebook LOL

Facebook, a social media giant, also has one major business function – data collection and crunching.  They collect ranges of data, such as age, interests, hobbies, and much more.  They recently released information speaks to how we use and communicate in slang and how that has changed over the past few years.  The use of LOL, HeHe, HaHa are very common in text, in social media, and online.  Hear the data and we tell you what it all means.

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