Drone Racing League And Jabra Elite Review

On Episode 491 of the Waves of Tech, we continue to cover every angle of the technology industry. The Drone Racing League is going completely virtual in their competitive series by utilizing high-end flight simulation in their response to the health crisis. PayPal has been experiencing massive growth in transactions and new accounts as transactions shift to other  payment methods. Microsoft is beta testing their Family Safety app in an effort to provide care takers with screen time, application usage, and digital control measures. In an ongoing battle with coronavirus misinformation, Twitter is rolling out labels on tweets that do not meet specific standards. We extensively review the Jabra Elite 65t by detailing the ins and outs of the reasonably priced wireless headphones.

Drone Racing League Incorporates Flight Simulation

As many major sporting organizations and leagues are cancelling or postponing live and in-person events, the Drone Racing League is breaking mold by moving virtual. Beginning soon, the international league is bringing a flight simulation competition series to the networks of NBC. Pilots will compete from their homes for the ultimate $2 million prize package. Very cool!

  • Pilots already utilize simulation in testing and training for typical in-person events
  • It’s a unique situation where the technology industry has birthed a competitive circuit
  • Should be interesting to see how certain skills work or don’t work in simulation scenarios
  • The first event starts on Saturday, May 16 at 11:30AM on NBC Sports Network

PayPal Experiences Significant Attention in Pandemic

As customer behavior and habits are shifting in response to the global health emergency, PayPal is presenting some incredible data. On May 1, the online transaction giant processed more payments than Cyber Monday and Black Friday 2019 (not combined, individually). PayPal reported 7 million new accounts in April 2020 alone with millions more anticipated in May 2020.

  • A sign that some companies are thriving greatly in customer pandemic responses
  • Businesses have shifted to providing multiple payments options to customer base
  • The tide may be shifting transactionally, but is too soon to determine the lastly effect
  • Another sign of how technology is becoming a focal point in the fight against COVID19

Family Safety App from Microsoft

Well, it was only a matter of time before the software and gaming giant jumped head first into the digital monitoring business. Family Safety, an app that syncs with Windows and XBox devices, is in beta with availability to the masses unknown. The app allows parents to monitor screen time, control access, set application usage, and turn on/turn off location sharing.

  • The overall industry continues to provide parents with tools to combat digital desires
  • If there is one, it is hard to see the monetary benefit to Microsoft
  • Microsoft is currently looking for several to participate to provide substantial feedback
  • Curious if Microsoft has heard from users directly on the need to have digital controls

Twitter to Label COVID-19 Information

The ever complicated Twitter announced a new feature to address some of the misinformation and misleading data on their platform related to the coronavirus. As stated on The Verge, “The labels should make it easier to tell if a tweet has a misleading or unverified claim and point you toward resources about COVID-19.” Let’s see how effective this label can actually be in use.

  • Twitter shared a rubric of shorts to demonstrate how the analysis will happen
  • Notes such as “containing synthetic and manipulated media” may appear
  • The problem is Twitter refuses to address underlying issues across their application
  • This is an intermediate step to allow users to see or not see information is flagged

Jabra Elite 65t Earphones Review

In the search for a reasonably priced and quality set of truly wireless headphones, we went through several blogs, YouTube reviews, and podcasts. After some reviewing, we purchased the Jabra Elite 65t model for $99. The unit boasts 4 built-in microphones, a specific app to modify sound levels, water/dust resistance, and multiple controls on each ear piece.

  • The app allows a user to have three different settings based on your environment
  • Bluetooth range was 55 feet in use and pairs with mobile devices seamlessly
  • Three silicone ear pieces provide options to users for fit, shape, and comfort
  • Negatives include pairing tp & transitioning from desktops and having the earplug effect
  • HearThrough (allowing outside sound in) is a bit confusion in use and not entirely useful

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